Freshkills Park Project

The Landfill Link: Using Freshkills Park to Educate and Inspire

Developed by Liz Titone, The Landfill Link contains pre–and post–visit lessons to compliment the tour of Freshkills Park. Click on the lesson plans below to use for your visit:


The Afterlife of Your PB&J (PDF, 44 kB)

Decomposition Timeline (PDF, 7.74 MB)

Build a Waste Management Site

Paper Vs. Plastic


Information Guidelines for Your Visit (PDF, 51.5 kB)

Talking Trash: A User's Manual

Park Architects (PDF, 43.4 kB)

Talking Trash: I Promise To…

Additional Resources and Suggestions

Taking it a Step Further (PDF, 46.1 kB)

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