A scenic view of the handball court at the to-be-renamed Bridge & Tunnel Park.

Rename Bridge and Tunnel Park

We're re-envisioning parks in Long Island City, and we want your help renaming Bridge and Tunnel Park!

About the Park

The basketball court at the soon to be renamed Bridge & Tunnel Park.Bridge and Tunnel Park is located at 50th Avenue between 11th Street and 11th Place in Long Island City. This small park, established in 1957, consists of a basketball court and handball court. The current name of the park refers to the adjacent Pulaski Bridge and the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, which connect Queens to Brooklyn and Manhattan, respectively.

Making a Suggestion

We are no longer accepting suggestions for the re-naming of Bridge and Tunnel Park. Each submission will be reviewed and ranked by a panel of local experts. If your submission is chosen, you will be contacted by email to share the good news!

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