Volunteer Opportunities and Partner Organizations

Northern Manhattan Parks has an abundance of organizations that work alongside us to restore and revitalize our 600 acres.

Many of our “Friends Of” and partner organizations also provide park-specific opportunities for local volunteers to become involved at some of the 30 sites that comprise Northern Manhattan Parks.

Fort Tryon Park

Friends Committee of the Fort Tryon Trust

This Committee of the non-profit Fort Tryon Park Trust aims to involve the entire community surrounding the park in maintaining and improving its appearance and condition, and promoting its constructive use by the public. Volunteer days are usually the third Sunday of the month, March through October.

Contact:  info@FortTryonParkTrust.org and write “volunteer” in the subject line, or visit the Fort Tryon Park Trust volunteer page.

Fort Tryon Dog Owners Group

A volunteer group committed to the care of Sir William’s Dog Run and its community.

Contact: info@ftdog.org

Fort Washington Park

Rocky Run Group

The group cares for the dog run on Riverside Drive and W. 165th Street and seeks leaders to expand the gardening area outside of the run.

Contact: Bailea Rehberg, (718) 706-1147.

Website: washingtontykes.blogspot.com

Highbridge Park

High Bridge Coalition

The High Bridge Coalition is working towards several goals:

  • re-establishing The High Bridge as a popular destination, a unique inter-borough crossing, and the Manhattan-Bronx link in the Old Croton Aqueduct Greenway
  • continuing to tell the story of the bridge’s historic and cultural significance
  • improving the Bronx and Manhattan parks that serve as neighborhood gateways to the bridge
  • increasing public waterfront access to the Harlem River

The Coalition aims to accomplish these goals by working with partners who reflect the diversity of the Bronx and Manhattan communities near the bridge, the city, and the region. The Coalition was instrumental in advocating for the funding to restore and reopen the historic High Bridge.

Contact: Ellen Macnow at Ellen.Macnow@parks.nyc.gov

Website: TheHighBridge.org

Friends of Sherman Creek

The community-based organization is dedicated to the conservation of the Sherman Creek/Harlem River salt marsh wetlands, and provides Environmental Education After School Programs to local teenagers.

Contact: Obed Fulcar at ofulcar@yahoo.com

New York City Mountain Bike Association

Members maintain the biking trails in the northern section of Highbridge Park and organize races throughout the year. Open volunteer days are on the last Saturday of the month at the BMX Park in Highbridge.

Contact: Chris Trombley at info@nycmtb.com

Website: nycmtb.org

City Life is Moving Bodies

A program of the Center for Youth Violence Prevention at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, the group organizes the annual “Hike the Heights” event in June to raise awareness of neighborhood issues while promoting community involvement in local parks. They also sponsor various volunteer clean ups and programs.

Contact: Amy Figueroa (212) 305-4734

Inwood Hill Park


An online group of dog owners whose primary focus is maintaining and improving the off-leash dog park known as Homer’s Run.

Contact: Valerie Fullarton vfullart@gmail.com

Website: inwoof.com

Isham Park

Isham Park Restoration Program 1970, Inc.

The group works to instill a sense of responsibility to Isham Park in children, teenagers, and adults, and maintains Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden.

Contact: J.A. Reynolds at (212) 942-2563 or at billiemarie3@aol.com

Volunteers for Isham Park

A group devoted to maintaining the park’s serene and harmonious space and raising awareness of its history and intended cultural role through cleanups, fundraising, and education.

Contact: Tim Frasca at volunteersforishampark@gmail.com

J. Hood Wright Park

J. Hood Wright Canine Club

The group helps coordinate ongoing maintenance, fundraising, and community events.

Contact: Anthony Speranza at (917) 301-0348 or Tony2112Sparks@gmail.com

Friends of J. Hood Wright Park

The Friends is composed of neighborhood moms and dads “who want more than anything to keep the park great.”

Website: jhoodwright.org

Friends of J. Hood Wright Park - Gardening

Diana Douglas, who has volunteered at the park for 21 years, and the Friends work to create and maintain the gardens within J. Hood Wright Park alongside NYC Parks gardeners.

Contact: Diana Douglas at (917) 656-9721 or dianaddouglas@hotmail.com

Other Outdoor Opportunities

Riverside Inwood Neighborhood Garden (RING)

RING uses hands-on experience to educate neighborhood adults and children in the arts and science of horticulture, aquaculture, butterfly habitat, and composting at the community garden at Broadway and Dyckman Street.

Contact: Maggie Clarke at (212) 567-8272.

Website: ringgarden.org

Riverside Oval Association

The Association improves the environment and the lives of the residents around the Riverside Oval, a small park that sits in the middle of Riverside Drive between West 156th Street and West 157th Street, through gardening and history-oriented activities.

Contact: Vivian Ducat at vsd2001@columbia.edu or at (917) 301-1120.

Rose Court Tenants Association

The tenants take care of the street tree beds in Inwood along Academy Street from Broadway to Sherman Avenue and along Broadway from West 204th Street to Dyckman Street. They fundraise for and build tree guards and beautify the tree beds with a variety of flowers.

Contact: Luz Bermudez at (917) 373-5701.

Washington Heights Gardening Crew

The group has recruited and involved local children and adults in a variety of gardening activities on the David Freidland/Juan Pablo Duarte Square on Broadway and the tree pits on St. Nicholas Avenue and on Broadway from West 169th Street to West 171st Street.

Contact: Dana Hockenbury at dkhnyc@aol.com

West 181st Street Beautification Project, Inc.

Devoted to maintaining the garden stairs on West 181st Street and Pinehurst Avenue, Plaza Lafayette, and the George Washington Bridge Playground, the group has regular volunteer meetings at the garden stairs on Sunday from 9 ? 11 a.m., weather permitting.

Contact: Jeanlee Poggi at (212) 543-9017.

Inwood Green Team

The team educates and engages neighbors and youth in the stewardship of new street trees on commercial and residential streets east of Broadway.

Contact: (English) joan.keener@gmail.com or (Spanish) Arlene Peguero at arlene.peguero@gmail.com

Historic Houses

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum, a charming 18th century farmhouse set in a lush 1/2 acre garden, offers a range of opportunities for volunteers, including gardening, events, promotions, research and docent projects, depending on the volunteer's interests and talents.

Contact: info@dyckmanfarmhouse.org or (212) 304-9422

Website: dyckmanfarmhouse.org

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Weeding, planting or general garden care volunteer opportunities are available in the Colonial Sunken Garden.

Contact: Carol Ward, (212) 923-8008.

Website: morrisjumel.org

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