Nothern Manhattan Parks 2030 Master Plan Park Projects

Improvement projects are planned for Highbridge, Inwood, Isham, Fort Washington, Fort Tryon and other neighborhood parks, as well as Dyckman Street and Sherman Creek. For an overview of the recommended projects download the Conceptual Plan.

Fort Washington Park

Increase playground and active recreation areas

  • Add a playground and comfort station to the south end of the park
  • Improve the volleyball area and athletic fields

Improve forest health

  • Remove invasive trees and vines; enhance habitat for birds

Enhance the shoreline and natural areas

  • Improve access to beaches and rock outcroppings
  • Improve shoreline stability through addition of boulders and plantings

Create opportunities for adventure

  • Activate the isolated section of the park east of the Henry Hudson Parkway, consider activities such as skateboarding, and BMX biking

Improve connections to the community and other parks

  • Construct handicapped accessible, well-lit and safe connections to the waterfront from the community
  • Reduce bicycle and pedestrian conflicts
  • Improve the perimeter appearance

Find out more in the Fort Washington Park section of the Master Plan.

Highbridge Park

Enhance the picturesque park

  • Expose gigantic rocks and meadows

Provide more opportunities for healthy activity

  • Improve the recreation center, athletic fields, and playgrounds
  • Provide more restrooms

Improve forest and ecology health

  • Remove invasive trees and the vines that are killing trees
  • Enhance habitat for birds and locally rare species such as Dusky Salamanders

Create opportunities for adventure

  • Provide rock climbing, mountain biking, skateboarding, and BMX biking

Improve bike path continuity and connections to the community

  • Construct a visible and continuous middle level path through the entire length of the park connecting to the High Bridge
  • Improve the perimeter appearance

Find out more in the Highbridge Park section of the Master Plan.

Dyckman Street

Improve business opportunities as well as pedestrian and bicycle safety

  • Create public gardens with healthy food at Anne Loftus, Dyckman Rest and Sherman Creek
  • Make Dyckman Street a more desirable strolling location, appropriate for the evening Paseo
  • Establish areas for sidewalk cafés, perhaps by bumping out the sidewalk
  • Eliminate double parking that congests traffic flow and blocks bike lanes, create areas for livery car standing
  • Improve pedestrian crossings, and stripe bike lanes

Find out more in the Dyckman Street section of the Master Plan.

Fort Tryon

Restore the historic Olmsted Brothers’ landscapes

  • Continue the restoration of the park beyond the Heather and Alpine gardens
  • Restore internal views through glades
  • Restore historic structures

Preserve the treasured views

  • Prune to restore the expansive Hudson and Palisades views which were created at great expense

Become a biking and boating destination

  • Connect to the Hudson River Greenway and Dyckman Street pier
  • Increase greening of Payson Avenue
  • Provide secure bike storage at Anne Loftus

Provide a community focus

  • Enhance Anne Loftus playground as a piazza with new activities, programs, and local food
  • Improve the children’s play area

Family attractions

  • Expand the variety of play and exercise in playgrounds, provide comfort stations

Find out more in the Fort Tryon section of the Master Plan.

Inwood and Isham Park

Improve forest, ecological health, and scenic beauty

  • Restore forest health
  • Recreate the buried stream and marshes
  • Prune trees to open scenic views

Evoke past eras

  • Native American life and the Revolutionary War

Protect, reveal and interpret geological treasures

  • Geological phenomena and formations, springs and natural shorelines

Explore Mannahatta, the time before development

  • Protect and enhance the isolated valley and forest ridge overlooking the sublime expanse of the Hudson Valley and Palisades

Improve family attractions

  • Nature center, accessible restrooms, community space, performance area, picnic lawns

Find out more in the Inwood and Isham Park section of the Master Plan.

Sherman Creek

Provide more opportunities for healthy activity

  • Add recreation facilities, such as playgrounds

Improve shoreline path continuity and water access

  • Extend the shoreline path north to 217th Street
  • Create opportunities for fishing and boating, including small boat storage and launching facilities

Enhance the shoreline and natural areas

  • Restore the marshes and shoreline

Find out more in the Sherman Creek section of the Master Plan.

Northern Manhattan Parks Master Plan

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