Northern Manhattan Parks 2030 Master Plan Next Steps

With the public review completed and support for the Master Plan recommendations secured, NYC Parks will develop cost projections for each recommendation of the plan.

Over the next few years, we will be prioritizing forest work in Highbridge, Inwood and Isham Parks, reinstituting the urban forest crew, and focusing requirements contracts on paths. Continued partnerships between New York Restoration Project, NYC Parks' Natural Resources Group, and MillionTreesNYC will help manage invasive species and replanting the flora in Highbridge Parks.

Planning & Parklands

  • Prepare a list of projects and cost estimates
  • Work with the community, Audubon Partnership and the Department of Transportation to improve Dyckman Street
  • Work with the Department of Transportation to improve pedestrian and bicycle circulation to the Parks
  • Designate the Inwood and Sherman Creek marsh areas as receptor sites for mitigation
  • Focus Intermodal Surface Transportation funds on bike route connectivity
  • De-map the unbuilt street in Isham Park

Operations Division

  • Prioritize forestry and Natural Resources Group work in Inwood and Isham parks
  • Reinstitute the urban forest crew
  • Focus requirements contract work on paths
  • Provide more trash cans


  • Coordinate New York Restoration, Natural Resources Group, and MillionTreesNYC efforts to control invasive plants control and replant the flora in Highbridge Park
  • Install rule and directional signage in English and Spanish
  • Obtain funding for strategic staff needs such as a volunteer coordinator and a forest restoration crew.  Focus on improving forest health, sightlines in and out of the park, and public safety

Find out more in the Next Steps and Credits section of the Master Plan.

Northern Manhattan Parks Master Plan

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