Northern Manhattan Parks 2030 Master Plan Big Ideas and Concepts

We identified the Big Ideas that will make the most difference and prepared Concept diagrams that describe how they can be accomplished feasibly and economically.


78% of health costs nation-wide are related to lifestyle. This community’s health would improve if we provided more opportunities for active recreation, walking and biking.

Active Recreation and Amenities

  • Add eight comfort stations, three playgrounds and four soccer fields
  • Add seven healthy food and drink concessions
  • Add adventure areas including a skate park and rock climbing area
  • Improve the condition of all sports fields

View the Active Recreation and Amenities concept

Bike Path Connectivity

  • Connect the middle-level path through Highbridge Park
  • Extend and improve critical cross-town and Bronx on-street bicycle routes including the Putnam line to Westchester

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Waterfront Access

  • Extend shoreline walkways
  • Improve access to shoreline walkways with signalized intersections and ADA ramps
  • Create a Hudson River dock at Dyckman Street’s west end with mooring field, pier and café
  • Provide six locations for small boat launching and storage

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Invasive vines and trees are damaging the Parks’ ecological health, and historic landscapes as well as the community’s perception of safety and level of park use.

Landscape and Forest Restoration

  • Fort Washington Park - Restore forest health, improve access and active recreation
  • Fort Tryon Park - Restore the Olmsted Brothers landscape historic structures and forest composition, improve play areas
  • Inwood and Isham Parks - Restore ecologies, creeks, marshes and scenic views
  • Highbridge Park - Restore forest health and internal views, create opportunities for adventure recreation in nature
  • Create high and low marshes, restore creeks
  • Connect parks with ecological corridors
  • Improve forest health and ecological diversity

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Expanding recreational opportunities at Highbridge Recreation Center, Anne Loftus Playground and J. Hood Wright Park would improve community health, economic prosperity and family happiness.

Community Connectivity and Attractions

  • Connect communities to their parks and attractions with green corridors on 158th, 174th, Dyckman, 204th, and 218th Streets.
  • Make Highbridge Recreation Center a year-round recreation attraction
  • Strengthen Anne Loftus Playground identity as the community piazza
  • Strengthen J. Hood Wright Park’s identity as the community gathering space

View the Community Focal Points concept

View the Community Connectivity concept


Opening sightlines and improving path continuity will improve park security and use. Some areas require more focused policing.

Viewshed Restoration

  • Restore view-sheds of the Hudson River and the Palisades
  • Open and maintain internal views
  • Restore the historic landscape design

View the Viewshed Restoration concept

Find out more in the Main Concepts section of the Master Plan.

Northern Manhattan Parks Master Plan

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