Northern Manhattan Park Landmarks & Directions

Click on the numbers on the map for the name and location of each landmark.


BENNETT PARK -Take front car of A train to 181st Street - Park is across street
1. The Flagpole - at 182nd Street, Fort Washington Ave & Pinehurst Ave.


FORT TRYON PARK -Take A train to 190th Street - Take elevator & stairs to Ft. Washington Avenue and walk north.

2. Margaret Corbin Circle - Cabrini Boulevard, 193rd Street & Fort Washington Avenue. Garden is on the left
3. Sir William's Dog Run - Take stairs east of Margaret Corbin Circle. Take path north to dog run.
4. The Cloisters - Follow park drive north from Margaret Corbin Circle.
5. The Heather Garden - Enter gateway north of Margaret Corbin Circle.


FORT WASHINGTON PARK -Take A train to 175th Street. Walk west to park.

6. Little Red Lighthouse - Take 181st Street walkway across Henry Hudson Parkway. Lighthouse is under the George Washington Bridge.


HIGHBRIDGE PARK -Take A train to 175th Street or 1/9 train to 168th Street.

7. Highbridge Recreation Center & Pool - 173rd Street at Amsterdam Ave.
8. Water Tower - Enter park at 174th Street & Amsterdam Ave and follow path to the tower


INWOOD HILL PARK -Take A train to 207th Street or 1 train to 215th Street. Walk west to park.

9. The Flagpole - Near Isham St. & Seaman Avenue entrance.
10. Gaelic Field (soccer fields) - Enter park at 218th Street. Gaelic Field is west of the salt marsh.
11. Inwood Hill Nature Center - Enter park at 218th Street & Indian Road. West west over little bridge.


ISHAM PARK - Take 1 train to 207th St. Go up stairs to Park Terrace East.
12. The Circle - At top of stairs, turn left and proceed to Park Terrace East.


J. HOOD WRIGHT PARK - Take A train to 175th Street. Park is across street.
13. Jay's Dog Run - West of rock outcropping in park.


RING (Riverside Inwood Neighborhood Garden) -Take A train to 200th and Dyckman Streets
14. RING - Located at confluence of Dyckman Street, Broadway, Riverside Drive, and Seaman Avenue.

GORMAN PARK -Take A train to 190th Street. Proceed to Wadsworth Avenue & 190th Street.

15. The Flagpole - Wadsworth Terrace at 190th Street.


DYCKMAN FARMHOUSE MUSEUM - Take A train to 207th St. and walk south.
16. Dyckman House - Broadway & 204th Street.


MORRIS JUMEL MANSION - Take A Train to 168th Street.
17. Morris Jumel Mansion - between 160th Street, Jumel Terrace, and 162nd Street.

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