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Volunteers plant saplings

Request a group project with NYC Parks Stewardship! Work with us to explore and restore New York City’s natural resources. Volunteers help to conserve and protect forests, wetlands, and local street trees. Projects include tree planting, invasive species removal, cleaning up street tree beds, wetland clean-ups, trail projects, and more! Groups can make a vital and significant impact on the restoration and management of nature in the New York City. Nature-based projects are great opportunities for team-building, enjoying the unique landscapes of the city, and starting conversations, while making a real difference.

To view other types of volunteer opportunities request an It’s My Park project or volunteer with one of our partner organizations.

Please enter your preferred time, date, and location to hold an event. Keeping your preferences in mind, our staff members will match you with the best volunteer opportunity available.


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If you have any additional questions about requesting a project, please email, or call (718) 392-5232 for more information.

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