Lifeguard Training Program

After you pass the qualifying test, your training to be a New York City Lifeguard begins. You will be enrolled in the Municipal Lifeguard Training Program, a state-certified program that teaches applicants the critical skills of CPR, first-aid, and techniques for saving a swimmer in distress. You must successfully complete the Municipal Lifeguard Training Program to become certified as a New York City Lifeguard. Other lifeguard certifications are not accepted.

As part of this challenging program, you will be issued a pass that allows you to practice at all of the City's 12 indoor pools to strengthen your swimming skills and improve your conditioning in anticipation of the final swim test.

Upon completion of the training program, all candidates must pass a written test and final swimming tests to become a lifeguard. To qualify for a pool assignment, candidates must be able to swim 440 yards in 7 minutes and 40 seconds, or 6 minutes and 40 seconds to qualify for a beach assignment. Beach lifeguards must also complete a 300-yard ocean swim prior to receiving their assignment.

Successful completion of the Municipal Lifeguard Training Program means that you have:

  • Completed all 40 hours of training.
  • Passed a CPR course.
  • Passed all final swimming tests and a written test.

If you successfully complete the training program, you may be offered a full-time job for the summer working at a beach or pool in one of the best cities in the world.

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