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Who We Are

NYC Parks helps bring together people from all over our great city. From the iconic Central Park to neighborhood playgrounds, we own and operate some of the most exemplary green spaces in the world. At NYC Parks, our mission is to plan resilient and sustainable parks, public spaces, and recreational amenities, build a park system for the present and future generations, and care for parks and public spaces.

NYC Parks is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Our Mission

Want to know more about who we are and what we do? See our vision and mission to understand our priorities.


Work at NYC Parks offers innovation, leadership, the satisfaction of public service, and a place to grow and develop your career. Full-time employees are also eligible for a wide variety of City benefits and perks.
  • Health Care Coverage - We offer a wide variety of health care plans to meet the needs of you and your family.
  • Pension - Upon retirement, qualified members of the City’s generous pension program receive a guaranteed salary and health benefits for the rest of their lives.
  • Professional Development - We offer numerous training programs and career coaching services, while encouraging employees to attend approved off-site trainings and seminars.
  • Perks - Our employees are eligible for discounts on some of the top attractions in the city, and all employees receive free membership to our recreation centers.

Current Openings

Design & Construction

Assistant Commissioner, Architecture and Engineering Program Management (Assistant Commissioner (Parks Capital Projects), MV) Full-Time

Posted 09/21/2018 - Until 10/19/2018

Deputy Director of Survey (Surveyor, III) Full-Time

Posted 09/21/2018 - Until 10/19/2018

Borough Team Leader (Administrative Construction Project Manager, MII) Full-Time

Posted 09/14/2018 - Until 10/12/2018

Borough Team Leader (Administrative Landscape Architect, MII) Full-Time

Posted 09/14/2018 - Until 10/12/2018

Landscape Construction Project Resident (Assistant Landscape Architect) Full-Time

Posted 09/14/2018 - Until 10/12/2018

Landscape Construction Project Resident (Project Manager) Full-Time

Posted 09/14/2018 - Until 10/12/2018

Construction Project Manager (Construction Project Manager) Seasonal

Posted 09/06/2018 - Until 10/12/2018

Waterfront Project Manager (Associate Project Manager, II) Full-Time

Posted 05/18/2018 - Until Filled

Waterfront Project Manager (Civil Engineer, II) Full-Time

Posted 05/18/2018 - Until Filled

Maintenance & Operations

Blacksmith (Blacksmith) Full-Time

Posted 09/14/2018 - Until 10/05/2018


Gardener (Gardener) Seasonal

Posted 09/12/2018 - Until Filled

Outreach Coordinator for GreenThumb (Community Coordinator) Full-Time

Posted 09/07/2018 - Until 09/28/2018

City Park Worker (City Park Worker) Seasonal

Posted 08/24/2018 - Until Filled

Forester (Forester, II) Full-Time

Posted 04/13/2018 - Until Filled

Climber & Pruner (Climber & Pruner) Full-Time

Posted 05/19/2017 - Until Filled


There are no open Security positions right now. Check back soon!

Public Programs

Movie Mobile Unit Supervisor (Recreation Specialist) Seasonal

Posted 02/13/2018 - Until Filled


Project Development Coordinator for Planning (Community Coordinator) Full-Time

Posted 09/14/2018 - Until 10/05/2018

Assistant Records Officer (Public Records Officer) Full-Time

Posted 08/31/2018 - Until 09/28/2018

Playground Associate (Playground Associate) Seasonal

Posted 08/24/2018 - Until Filled

Timing Official (Community Coordinator) Seasonal

Posted 08/24/2018 - Until Filled

Director of Data Analytics (City Research Scientist, IV-A) Full-Time

Posted 06/15/2018 - Until Filled

Our Teams

Work at Parks Design and Construction - redesign, rebuild, and create Parks facilities

Design & Construction

We regularly redesign and rebuild hundreds of parks and facilities each year, and create vibrant spaces out of underused areas.

Work at Parks Maintenance and Operations - Parks maintenance worker clearing up snow in th parks for public safety

Maintenance & Operations

We help communities take pride in well-cared-for parks that are free of litter and safe for children to play.

Work at Parks Greening - beautiful flowers from parks


We take an innovative approach to forestry management, caring for more 650,000 street trees, and millions more in parks, and natural areas across the city.

Work at Parks Enforcement - Parks Enforcement Patrol officers on duty


Our trained law enforcement officers help us ensure that our city’s parks are secure and act as ambassadors to the park.

Work at Parks Public Programs - shape up NYC program instructor teaching dances

Public Programs

Our creative and dynamic programs bring our community’s shared spaces to life, teach people lifelong skills, and help us understand the natural world.

Work at Parks Administration - administrators at planning meeting


Our administration leads thousands of full-time employees and helps us innovate, plan, and analyze the future of our city’s parks.

Become an NYC Parks Lifeguard

Lifeguards on duty at Rockaway Beach

Lifeguarding is one of the most rewarding jobs in New York City. Visit our Lifeguard Opportunities page to learn more about how to become a City lifeguard. Learn More about becoming an NYC Parks Lifeguard


Interns and Commissioner Silver at orientation on Arsenal rooftop

We offer a variety of internships in various departments within NYC Parks. Learn More about Internships

Partner Job Opportunities

Other Job Opportunities

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