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Internships at Parks

We offer a variety of internships in various departments within NYC Parks. For more information on available positions, please explore the categories below or contact the Internship Coordinator at (212) 360-8212.

Available Internships

Position TitleFile Size
African Burial Ground Nomination Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Aquatic Monitoring Intern(PDF, 182 KB)
Archival Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Bronx Green House Horticulture Intern(PDF, 193 KB)
Bronx River Alliance Communications Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Bronx River Alliance Development Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Bronx River Alliance Ecology Intern(PDF, 235 KB)
Bronx River Alliance Greenway Intern(PDF, 182 KB)
Brooklyn Operations Intern(PDF, 181 KB)
Brooklyn Recreation Intern(PDF, 195 KB)
Canoe Program Assistant Intern(PDF, 194 KB)
Capital Archives Intern(PDF, 179 KB)
City Street Tree Planting Corridor Plan Intern(PDF, 181 KB)
Fort Tyron Park & N. Manhattan Parks Summer Programs Intern(PDF, 182 KB)
Freshkills Park Climate Change Intern(PDF, 195 KB)
Freshkills Park Education Intern(PDF, 197 KB)
Freshkills Park Public Art Intern(PDF, 198 KB)
Greenbelt Native Plant Center Intern(PDF, 192 KB)
Greenbelt Natural Resource Intern(PDF, 179 KB)
Greenbelt Nature Center Intern(PDF, 183 KB)
GreenThumb Intern(PDF, 181 KB)
Heather Garden Intern(PDF, 179 KB)
Interagency Coordination and Construction Permit Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Manhattan Maintenance and Operations Intern(PDF, 181 KB)
Meadow Ecologist Intern(PDF, 182 KB)
Media Education Administrative Intern(PDF, 194 KB)
Media Education Curriculum Development Intern(PDF, 194 KB)
Media Education Marketing, Outreach and Partnerships Intern(PDF, 195 KB)
Media Education Production Assistant Intern(PDF, 195 KB)
Morningside Park Horticulture Intern(PDF, 179 KB)
North East Queens Park Events Intern(PDF, 179 KB)
Northeast Queens Parks Trail Maintenance Intern(PDF, 179 KB)
Ocean Breeze Recreation Center Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Office of Health and Safety Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Park Management G.I.S. Intern(PDF, 302 KB)
Parks Advocate’s Office Intern(PDF, 193 KB)
Perennials Project Intern(PDF, 193 KB)
Permits & Plan Review Intern(PDF, 178 KB)
Planning and Development Division Field Research Intern(PDF, 195 KB)
Prospect Park Natural Resources Crew Intern(PDF, 179 KB)
Queens Forestry Intern(PDF, 192 KB)
Queens Recreation Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Radish Project Intern(PDF, 181 KB)
Randall's Island Park Alliance Horticulture Intern(PDF, 194 KB)
Randalls Island Alliance Fundraising Intern(PDF, 193 KB)
Recreation Arts Programs Intern(PDF, 195 KB)
Recreation Special Projects Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Recreation Youth Programs Intern(PDF, 181 KB)
Revenue Project Manager Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Shape Up NYC Intern(PDF, 181 KB)
Site Survey Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Soil Salinity Profile Project Intern(PDF, 178 KB)
Special Events and Sports Coordinator Office Intern(PDF, 178 KB)
Sports and Fitness Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Staten Island Administrative Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Staten Island Forestry Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Sustainability and Emerging Tech Intern(PDF, 194 KB)
Trees & Sidewalks Program Forester Intern(PDF, 180 KB)
Urban Field Station Intern(PDF, 183 KB)
Wetlands Mapping Intern(PDF, 195 KB)

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How to Apply

You may apply for an internship with Parks in one of three ways:

  1. Complete an online internship application
  2. Email the Internship Coodinator
  3. Mail a cover letter and resume to:
    830 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY 10065
    Attn: Internship Coordinator
    or fax them to (212) 360-8200.


Only one form of submission is necessary. Please state in your cover letter whether you are applying for a school year or summer internship.


NOTE: Due to current budget constraints, most internship positions are unpaid.

About Parks

Intern Meet and Greet

Parks & Recreation is a public agency of over 3,500 people that care for about 29,000 acres of parkland. Parks' principal mission is to keep the parks, playgrounds, and sitting areas of New York City clean and safe, while also developing the City's recreational opportunities by offering quality facilities, programs, and events to meet the needs of all New Yorkers.

In addition to maintaining 14% of New York City's land, Parks is also the City's leading programmer of cultural, athletic, and social activities, including nature walks, concerts, learn-to-swim classes, sports clinics, historic house tours, and much more.

In the summer, the agency organizes free carnivals and concerts and sends mobile recreation vans to travel throughout the five boroughs, providing free rental equipment for skating, baseball, and miniature golf.

The Parks Commissioner appoints Deputy Commissioners, Borough Commissioners, and Assistant Commissioners who are responsible for managing the agency's divisions. These senior officials supervise the work of Parks employees and work with elected officials to complete capital improvements for parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers. They also work with the private sector to sponsor free public events and get the community involved in Parks through volunteer initiatives and educational and athletic programming in recreation and nature centers. In addition, they prepare Parks' budget and monitor the work of Parks' ice-skating rinks, golf courses, and other concessions.

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