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Rockaway Beach Snack Bars

Type: Snack Bar

Location: Beach 86th Street, Beach 97th Street, and Beach 106th Street, Rockaway Beach Boardwalk

Rockaway Beach Snack Bars are located on the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk in Queens. Menu items vary by location. The 106th Street Caracas snack bar offers arepas, which are corn flour- pita like rounds filled with a variety of ingredients. The 97th Street location has 8 different counters offering items from burgers, to beachy Korean fair, Italian ices, and lobster rolls. There is also a beach shop at this location where you can purchase clothing, sun tan lotion, and other beach related items. Finally the Beach 86th Street location or the "Rippers" offer breakfast burritos, tortas, burgers, and cold drinks for the hot summer days.

Website: https://www.rockaway-bazaar.com/

Contract Start: 5/15/2021

Contract End: 5/14/2036

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