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Ellington In The Park

Type: Snack Bar

Location: 105th Street and Riverside Park, Riverside Park

The bi-level facilities are refreshingly minimalist: a wooden, well-stocked bar and a couple of portable grills. Although the view is of the roaring West Side Highway rather than lapping waves, and shouts can be heard from the nearby baseball games, the cafe manages to conjure a festive, splash-happy mood. Locals-mostly well-groomed young folk and families with small kids-crowd the semi-secluded oasis for hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and fruity concoctions either at the bar or at tables set up in front of it. On the weekends, the cafe serves brunch.

Email: info@ellingtoninthepark.com

Website: http://www.ellingtoninthepark.com/

Contract Start: 1/1/2015

Contract End: 12/31/2023

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