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Shake Shack

Type: Snack Bar

Location: Southeast corner of Madison Square Park-near Madison Avenue and East 23rd Street, Madison Square Park

Shake Shack is a modern day “roadside burger stand” serving the most delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer and wine from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group. Shake Shack’s mission is to preserve (and add its spin on) the culinary traditions of classic American burger stands. Using the freshest high quality ingredients, all the food at Shake Shack is cooked to order (from burgers to shakes to everything in between). Since opening in 2004, Shake Shack has become a beloved NYC institution with a cult following.

Phone: (212) 889-6600

Email: msp@shakeshack.com

Website: http://www.shakeshack.com/

Contract Start: 11/28/2013

Contract End: 11/27/2025

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