Prequalified General Contractors List

The Prequalified General Contractors List, also known as the PQL, is an excellent way for contractors who work with the City to take advantage of a number of opportunities that we have to offer to perform non-complex general construction work. We're looking for contractors who can help us quickly and easily reconstruct and build our parks, playgrounds, beaches, gardens, greenstreets and more.

What is the PQL?

With more than 500 active projects taking place at any given time across the city, we're always on the lookout for qualified contractors. That's why we pre-qualify some contrators through an application process that lets us understand their qualifications and experience in advance. Members of this list are entitled to bid on additional projects not available to other contractors.

Benefits of the PQL

Joining the list of pre-qualified vendors entitles you to a few key benefits:

  • Invitations to bid on non-complex general construction work are exclusively offered to vendors on the PQL.
    Contractors on our PQL are able to apply for reconstruction and construction work of up to $3 million per contract.
  • Vendors selected for inclusion in the PQL are invited to participate in the NYC Construction Mentorship.
    This intensive program offered by the NYC Department of Small Business Services gives you tips and advice you need to grow your business, to manage your projects, and to connect to more City contract opportunities.

We ask that all applicants to the PQL are aware of our opportunities for Disadvantaged/Minority/Women-Owned Businesses.

Who Can Apply

All applicants must meet one of the following criteria to be considered for the PQL:

  • The submitting entity must be a Certified Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE); or
  • The submitting entity must be a registered joint venture or have a valid legal agreement as a joint venture, with at least one of the entities in the venture being a certified M/WBE; or
  • The submitting entity must indicate a commitment to sub-contract no less than 50 percent of any awarded job to a certified M/WBE for each and every work order awarded.

How To Apply


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