Updated Procedures and Requirements for Construction Bid Solicitations

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Parks has implemented the following procedures for construction bid solicitations. Please look at and become familiar with the information below before submitting your bid. Please email Kylie Murphy, our Director of Competitive Sealed Bids, at kylie.murphy@parks.nyc.gov if you have any questions.

Bid Documents

Bid documents are currently available for download only. Please do not visit in person to purchase bid documents as Parks’ Blueprint Office is currently closed.

Bid Submissions

Bid submissions for construction projects must be physically delivered, timestamped and dropped, into the Bid Box located at the Olmsted Center Annex Lobby (117-02 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, Queens) by the due date and time indicated in the solicitation. The packaging must clearly identify that the contents are bid documents for the specific project, and should include the contract name and number. Bid documents must contain original ink signatures. Solicitations that are currently being processed through the PASSPort system require both electronic responses through the system as well as physical paper submissions. Most of our current solicitations are not in PASSPort as of yet, so we will provide updates as we solicit more projects through the PASSPort system.

Bid Openings

Bid openings will be held remotely at a different date and time than the bid submission. The details of the bid opening will be included in the solicitation. Physical attendance at the Olmsted Center Annex for bid openings is not permitted at this time, but they can be watched via live-stream video. Bids will be opened, and the bidder’s name and total bid price will be read aloud. The Apparent Low Bidder will be announced, and the preliminary results will be posted on our Bid Results page.

Contract Signatures

Contracts must be signed and notarized. Please save your signature pages as electronic documents in .pdf format, and send them by email to the assigned Parks contract analyst. Please also send the original documents through regular mail. We can waive the notarization requirement if you are unable to have any documents notarized. Additionally, digital signatures will be accepted.

Bonds and Insurance

  • Bid bonds – Provide original documents with the bid submission. Copies are acceptable, but originals must be sent through regular mail. 
  • Payment and performance bonds – Submit as electronic pdf documents through email to the assigned Parks contract analyst and send originals through regular mail. 
  • Insurance documents – Submit as electronic pdf documents. Originals are not required. Digital signatures are acceptable.

Miscellaneous Documents

Please submit miscellaneous documents such as employment reports, financial statements, subcontractor approval requests, etc., as electronic .pdf documents by email to the Parks staff person who requests the information.  Originals are not required. Digital signatures are acceptable.

Please note that responses to solicitations for goods or services other than construction may be provided electronically. Please refer to the specific solicitation for details.

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