Bid Solicitations for Capital Construction Contracts

Construction worker at St. Mary's Playground.

Below, you will find construction contracts with upcoming bid opening dates. We encourage you to review these documents carefully, as each will contain distinct information related to the scope of work, pre-bid meetings and submission deadlines for upcoming bids.

Applicants should respond in reasonable detail to all of the requirements outlined in their Competitive Sealed Bid. Please pay close attention to any revised bid dates and Addenda added to each contract listed. If you have downloaded the contract book from our website, you will be alerted by email to any updates or revised bid dates. It is your responsibility to download and include all addenda with your bid submission.

Preliminary bid results will be made available to the public after the opening of the sealed bids. Please visit the Bid Results page to find preliminary bid results of current Capital construction contracts.

Updated Procedures and Requirements for Construction Bid Solicitations

As per Mayor de Blasio’s announcement on March 1, 2021, all Parks Capital contracts in procurement will resume by the end of March 2021. We are currently finalizing our plan for how to move everything along and will post the schedule of upcoming construction bids shortly. Please continue to visit this page for updates.

Due to the pandemic, we have also updated our requirements to our construction bid process. Please read our Updated Procedures and Requirements for Construction Bid Solicitations before submitting a bid.

Active Bid Solicitations

Contract Name Contract Number Bid Due Date
Citywide Removal and Disposal of Asbestos and Lead Paint Containing CNYG-517MA2 11/22/2019 10:30 am
Bronx Street Tree Planting FY21 - Community Boards 5-8, 11, 12 XG-619M 05/11/2021 3:30 pm
Bronx Street Tree Planting FY21 - Community Boards 1-4, 9, 10 XG-519M 05/11/2021 3:30 pm
Citywide Structural Systems Reconstruction CNYG-2619M 12/31/2099 12:00 am
Prall Playground Comfort Station Reconstruction R105-119M 04/20/2021 3:30 pm
Shore Front Parkway Beach 98th Playground Construction Q163-318M 06/28/2021 3:30 pm
Albemarle Playground Synthetic Turf Field and Basketball Court Reconstruction B297-119M 05/11/2021 3:30 pm
Brownsville Recreation Center Reconstruction B270-214M 05/10/2021 3:30 pm
Pool Filtration Equipment Rental at Astoria Pool 84621B0026 01/13/2021 3:00 pm
Transportation, Chipping and/or Disposal of Wood Debris 84621B0025 01/20/2021 3:00 pm
Corporal Irwin Fischer Park Construction X269-119M 05/12/2021 3:30 pm
McCarren Park Pool Bathhouse Reconstruction B058-117M 05/19/2021 3:30 pm
Cunningham Park Redwood Upper Playground Reconstruction Q021-120M 05/10/2021 3:30 pm
Sunset Park Recreation Center Reconstruction B087-115MA 05/17/2021 3:30 pm
McDonald Playground Reconstruction B244-118MA 05/17/2021 3:30 pm
Wyckoff House Park Comfort Station Construction B376-118M 05/17/2021 3:30 pm
Citywide Pool Electrical Reconstruction CNYG-1520M 05/18/2021 3:30 pm
Citywide Pool Structural Reconstruction CNYG-1720M 05/18/2021 3:30 pm
Osborn Playground Multi-Purpose Area Reconstruction B343-119M 05/18/2021 3:30 pm
Citywide Synthetic Turf Field Reconstruction CNYG-1220M 05/18/2021 3:30 pm
Buono Beach Fountain Reconstruction (Hurricane Sandy) R117-117MA1 05/17/2021 3:30 pm
Monsignor Kett Playground Reconstruction M199-219M 05/19/2021 3:30 pm
Harlem River Park Synthetic Turf Field Reconstruction M208D-219M 05/19/2021 3:30 pm
Beach 59th Street Playground Reconstruction Q162E-118M 05/19/2021 3:30 pm
Citywide Electrical Systems Reconstruction CNYG-1620M 05/24/2021 3:30 pm
Vanderbilt Motor Parkway Reconstruction Phase 2 QG-719M 05/24/2021 3:30 pm
Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center Reconstruction Q401-115MA 05/26/2021 3:30 pm

Pre-Qualified List (PQL) Active Bid Solicitations

If you are a contractor or entity on NYC Parks Pre-Qualified List (PQL), please log-in to view current active bid solicitations.
Learn more about the PQL and becoming a PQL contractor.


NYC Parks will sometimes issue addenda to a listed capital construction contract. If you have downloaded the contract book from our website, you will be notified by email of any new addenda. It is your responsibility to download and include all addenda with your bid submission.

Find a Subcontracting Opportunity

If you are interested in subcontracting for a particular contract, please click on the subcontracting opportunities link next to the contract and submit your name. Your information will be made available to all applicants and will be listed on the bid results page after the bid opening.

Pick Up a Contract In Person

If you do not wish to download a contract book online, you may pick up a printed copy at: NYC Parks Capital Division, Olmsted Center, 117-02 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, NY 11368. A deposit fee may be required to obtain a printed copy. Please review the bid notice for deposit amount and method.

It is your responsibility to provide us with current contact information when picking up a bid book from the Blueprint Office. When picking up bid documents, you must receive a receipt to verify that the transaction has been recorded; otherwise, you may not receive any subsequent addenda.