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This project will reconstruct and expand the playground, including new play equipment, new pavements, safety surfacing, site furnishings, drainage, and water supply; demolish the bocce courts and multipurpose play area and construct sitting and adult fitness areas; and reconstruct the central path in Bath Beach Park.

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Contract ID: B164-119M

Estimate Range: $5,400,000

Bid Due Date: 08/09/2021 3:30 pm


Alternate Bids (Includes Base Bid Amount)

Bidder Base Bid Alt 1 Alt 2 Alt 3 Alt 4
AAH Construction $3,992,995.00
William A Gross Construction Associates, Inc. $4,120,000.00
CP Perma Paving Construction $4,128,902.24
Verdugos $4,152,621.71
Rocco Agostino Landscape & General Contractor Corp. $4,164,000.00
J. Pizzirusso Landscping Corp. $4,168,000.00
k & v construction inc $4,202,908.48
DiFazio $4,212,823.54
Perfetto Enterprises Co., Inc. $4,680,612.00
Gazebo Contracting Inc $4,684,579.00
JR Cruz $4,754,260.00

The bid results posted on this website are preliminary and are not to be relied upon as the Agency has not reviewed the bids for accuracy and completeness.

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