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Bidding on Parks Capital Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

When & where can I pick-up bid documents?
Bid documents can be picked up in Blueprint, at the Olmsted Center, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, between 8 a.m. & 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, except legal holidays.
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What are the telephone and fax numbers for the Blueprint Room? For Contracts Administration?

Office Telephone Fax
Blueprint Room (718) 760-6576 (718) 760-6946
Contracts Administration (718) 760-6771 (718) 760-6885

Where can I learn about Parks & Recreation projects that are being advertised?
There are several ways. You can register online through the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort). Doing so will place your company on a citywide bidder list used by all City agencies. (It is the contractor's responsibility to keep PASSPort updated with any changes in contact information.) You can also check the City Record, available by subscription or online. Finally, you can review the available projects at the Blueprint Room front desk.

Is there a fee for bid documents?
There is a fee for bid documents. In general the fee is $25.00 but is $100.00 for projects with over 100 drawings. The fee is payable by check or money order to City of New York, Parks & Recreation, and a separate check/money order is required for each project. Please carefully read the advertising notice in the City Record to verify the fee for projects you are interested in, as the fee for each set of bid documents is always included in the advertising notice.

Are pre-qualifications required for Parks & Recreation projects?
Qualifications vary by project. The contractor should refer to the project specification (available in the Blueprint Room).

Can I send a messenger or use a package delivery service to pick-up documents?
Parks & Recreation would prefer that bid documents be picked-up by the contractor. The use of messenger & package delivery services has been problematic, and Parks cannot guarantee accurate delivery of documents or of technical clarifications.

Who can I speak to regarding technical questions that arise while preparing my bid?
Technical issues should be discussed with the "Agency Contact Person." Please check Page 29 ("Appendix 1: Bid Information") of the technical specification for contact information. Alternatively, you may call the Director of Specifications and Estimating at (718) 760-6700.

How will I receive technical clarifications issued while I prepare my bid?
Parks & Recreation will contact you by mail or fax. It is your responsibility to provide Parks with up-to-date contact information for our database. When picking up bid documents, you MUST receive a receipt to verify that the transaction has been recorded; otherwise, you may not receive technical clarifications.

How can I notify Parks & Recreation of a change in my contact information?
You will need to fill out a new Blueprint database registration form. Additionally, you will need to change your address with PASSPort. To learn how to change contact information for a submitted bid, please refer to Article 59 of the Standard Legals.

Where do I submit my sealed bids?
There is a locked "Bid Box" in Contract Administration. Just drop your sealed bid in the slot.

Where can I find the bid results?
Bid results are posted outside Contract Administration in the Olmsted Annex.

Where can I obtain up-to-date Wage Rates?
These are available in Blueprint and from the NYC Comptroller's Office.

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