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The Design division undertakes the design of new spaces or the redesign of existing spaces. This work includes determining the scope of work, preparing cost estimates, gathering base survey information, writing technical specifications, and drafting and reviewing plans.

Landscape Architecture
Design of parks, playgrounds, and other outdoor facilities.

Design of buildings in parks, including comfort stations, recreation centers and indoor swimming facilities.

Design of the technical specifics of all Capital projects, including mechanical, electrical, environmental and structural engineering solutions.

Consultant Project Management
Management of private sector design of new parks and amenities.

Specifications and Estimating
Research and product development, maintenance of the standard details for all parks, and assistance to designers in the writing of specifications for every Capital project.

Mapping and surveying park land for the design and redesign of New York City Parks.


The Construction division supervises all construction projects for the agency.

Borough Construction
Construction management, including site supervision, managing contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, and inspecting work as it is completed.

Consultant Project Management
Management of the construction of parks by private sector construction management firms citywide.

Environmental Control Unit
Safety maintenance in Parks structures through rigorous asbestos and lead abatement and investigation of subsurface geological conditions to aid design and construction of Parks Capital projects.

Landscape Construction
Hand-selection of all specified plant materials at nurseries, implementation of planting designs, creation of methodologies protect existing trees during construction, oversight of all transplanting and pruning of trees, and resolution of any horticultural issues that arise during construction.

Coordination of all construction work on Parks property with other City agencies, contractors, community boards and Parks’ M&O.

Management Services

Management Services handles the business services associated with designing and constructing Parks' Capital projects.

Contract Administration
Bidding contracts, including scheduling bids, advertising projects, reviewing bids and bidders, and awarding contracts

Management of funding to bid, award, and register projects; coordination with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Payment to all vendors and Capital contractors for construction, design, and supervision work.

Consultant Procurement
Contracting for engineering, design, and supervision services through formal RFP processes.

Review of all contracts review of all contracts to be bid; negotiation and draft of all pass-through contracts; liaison to the City's Corporation Counsel; and consultation on all Capital legal matters such as contractor defaults, bidder appeals and contractor claims.

Requirements Contracts

The Requirements Contracts Unit, introduced in 1995, allows Parks to replace standard park features and improve the overall condition of a site without undertaking a complete reconstruction. Multiple sites are completed under a single contract, substantially reducing the turnaround time for improvements. Parks also undertakes pool and roof requirements contracts through the Technical Services unit and building requirements contracts through the Construction division.

Technical Services

The Technical Services division's Capital responsibilities include the pool requirements program for Parks' 63 swimming pools, the building and roof requirements programs, and oversight of all work performed at both Yankee and Shea Stadiums. In addition, Technical Services supervises the construction of pool projects designed by the Design Division. Technical Services, which also has various non-Capital responsibilities, is located at our Five Boro facility on Randall's Island. Situating these particular Capital programs at Five Boro facilitates coordination between Capital work and non-Capital technical services, like plumbing and electrical support.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact the Capital Projects Division, or by phone at (718)760-6601.

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