Ocean Breeze Reconstruction Geotechnical Engineering Report

This report summarizes the subsurface investigation for the design and construction of the Field House and light poles located just west of the field house for the Ocean Breeze Park Reconstruction project. Currently, the project site is the location of two baseball fields with an adjacent parking lot on the east side and small to medium sized trees with meadow grasses and brush in the central and west side of the site. Formerly the site was the location of Richmond College bounded by Quintard Street on the north, Father Capodanno Boulevard on the east, the South Beach Psychiatric Center on the south and Mason Avenue on the west.

This investigation was authorized as part of the contract between HDR Engineering, Inc. (HDR) and MKW Associates, LLC (MKW), the site designer for the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. During July and August 2008, HDR supervised the field sampling and testing by its subcontractor, CML. Soil samples were tested in September and October 2008 to determine their engineering properties for analyses and development of recommendations for the proposed field house and adjacent development items. All site activities should be performed under an approved Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan and in accordance with all applicable state and federal regulations. Any material removed from the site must be sampled and taken to an appropriately licensed facility.

The report provides geotechnical recommendations for the proposed structure in accordance with the proposed site development plan, Site “A” Building Option A dated November, 2007. The results are intended for use by the project structural and site design engineers. The work was also performed in general accordance with the Building Code of the City of New York as implemented in July, 2008.

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