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Example of a feed reader with parks feeds If you find yourself regularly going to the same websites to get information, you may find it quicker and easier to have them deliver their content to you via RSS (Really Simple Syndication/Rich Site Summary). RSS allows websites to offer different "feeds" of information that a user can read using an RSS Reader (also called an Aggregator). This allows users the ability to view summaries of all the latest content from their favorite websites all in one place. You can think of it as your "inbox for the web."

More and more sites are offering RSS feeds, and there are dozens of feed readers available, many of which are available free of charge. The latest versions of web browsers, such as Internet Exporer and Firefox, make it very easy to subscribe to RSS feeds and contain basic feed readers.


Parks RSS Feeds

When you are navigating the Parks website, look for the Feed icon, which lets you know that there is an associated feed for that page, and by following the link, you should be able to add the feed to your feed reader. If you have any problems adding feeds, please contact us.


Feed Readers

Here is a list of some of the most popular RSS feed reader software. Any of these can be used to view Parks RSS feeds.

  • Google Reader is a web-based reader that integrates well with Google's other free services.
  • Bloglines is another excellent, full-featured web-based feed reader.
  • My Yahoo! allows you to add RSS feeds, as well as other content provided by Yahoo!, to your own, personalized homepage. The new version of Yahoo! Mail (currently in Beta release) will feature an integrated RSS reader.
  • NewsGator has a suite of readers, including a free web-based reader, a desktop reader, and a reader that runs in Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to subscribe to feeds and have them delivered right into your Outlook folders.
  • Sage is a lightweight feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Wizz RSS is a Firefox extension with extensive reader features.

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