Biennial Report for 2006-2007

Left: Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Middle: First Deputy Mayor Patricia E. Harris, and Right: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

Dear Friends,

Great cities deserve great parks and as New York City continues its role as one of the capitals of the world, we are pleased to report that its parks are growing and thriving.

We are in the largest period of park expansion since the 1930s. Across the city, we are building at an unprecedented scale by transforming spaces that were former landfills, vacant buildings and abandoned lots into vibrant destinations for active recreation. We are also creating innovative new recreational opportunities in existing parks, such as our first high ropes challenge course, mountain biking trails, and kayak and canoe trails.

Expanding parks and green spaces has never been more crucial, because by 2030 it is estimated that the city will have one million additional residents, putting a strain on all of our existing resources. New York City has a history of doing the unexpected for the benefit of future generations and as PlaNYC demonstrates, we have the courage—and the resources—to dream big. With our commitment to plant one million additional trees, complete eight major regional parks, convert 290 schoolyards to playgrounds and improve our athletic fields, we lay the groundwork for all New Yorkers to enjoy a better quality of life.

Any park system, especially one of more than 29,000 acres, is only as successful as the employees and volunteers who care for it. That is why we are working to develop a citizenry of “Green Collar ” New Yorkers. These stewards will ensure the success of our park system for future generations.

With the help of New Yorkers and our many partners, the future of our parks is brighter, and greener, than ever. Please review this Biennial Report for 2006 and 2007 and feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in helping create the park system of the 21st century.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomber, Deputy Mayor Patricia E. Harris, and Commissioner Adrian Benepe

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