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Thursday, January 09, 2020
No. 3


The holiday season may be over, but resolution season is now upon us! The Williamsbridge Oval Recreation Center will host a free open house between January 13 and 17, offering the perfect opportunity to stop by and get started on New Year’s resolutions. Whether your goal is to get fit, learn a new cooking technique, or finally conquer the dreaded spreadsheet, NYC Parks’ extensive recreation center programing has you covered.

Here’s a taste of some of the programing available at the Williamsbrige Oval Recreation Center’s week-long open house:

Shape Up NYC: Low Impact Cardio, Walk, Run
Monday, January 13, 6:30–7:30 p.m.
This class is designed to boost metabolism with a mix of low and high impact exercises. In this class, attendees will be motivated to work out to the beat of the music and have fun while getting their sweat on. This class is a judgement free zone!

Studio Art Workshop
Tuesday, January 14, 4–5 p.m.
Youth will learn about artists like Frida Kahlo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Vincent Van Gough, creating their own art using the same techniques. Amy, the program instructor, is an experienced artist who is dedicated to exploring art with youth. A number of elements will be explored including sculpture, paint, oils, and more to create art.

Tuesday & Thursday, January 14 & 16, 3–6 p.m.
Anybody can participate and learn about the field of computer science! This course is an introduction to coding languages and programming structure: the waves of the future.

For a full calendar of all open house programing and activities, please visit the Williamsbridge Oval Recreation Center page.

Don’t live in Norwood? Join the network of Parks recreation centers for year-round access to indoor pools, sports programs, fitness classes, dance instruction, martial arts lessons and much more. Memberships are low-cost: young adult and senior memberships are only $25 per year, and adult memberships can be as little as $75 for six months. Youth under 18 are eligible for free memberships.

To find out how to join, visit the Recreation Center Membership Information page.

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