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Thursday, November 01, 2007
No. 145

Last Section Of Macombs Dam Park Closes To The Public For Redevelopment

On-site construction begins on Garage A and the New Macombs Dam Park

Parks & Recreation today announced the further closing of Macombs Dam Park in conjunction with the start of construction of Garage A and the new Macombs Dam Park on site, in association with the Yankee Stadium Redevelopment Project. This portion of the park—bounded by the Macombs Dam Bridge approach to the north, Ruppert Place to the east, and 157th Street and the Major Deegan Expressway to the west—is the last remaining section of Macombs Dam Park to close to the public. Last year, the section of Macombs Dam Park north of 161st Street closed to the public when construction of the new Yankee Stadium began on site.

All ballfields, handball courts, and basketball courts, as well as the Parks Department District 4 Headquarters and comfort station building located at the corner of 161st Street and Ruppert Place are now closed to the public. Over the next two weeks, the garage development team will be installing low, concrete barriers and fencing along the perimeter of the site for safety and security measures. They will also post Parks signage at the park’s two entrances, on Ruppert Place and on 161st Street, which will outline the ongoing construction and offer suggestions for alternative nearby recreational facilities.

The closing of Macombs Dam Park signals the start of a significant construction project as part of the Yankee Stadium Redevelopment Project. This project involves the creation of a two-story parking garage on which a rooftop park will be constructed. This state-of-the-art park will be ADA-accessible and feature a regulation soccer/football field, a 400-meter running track, 10 handball courts, 4 basketball courts, children’s play equipment, a comfort station, seating mounds, water fountains, trees, and other horticulture. The construction of both the garage and the rooftop park will occur in two phases. The first phase, consisting of the garage structure and the permanent track and field facility, is expected to be completed in Spring 2009. The remainder of the work, completed in the second phase, is expected to be completed in Spring 2010. In the interim, Parks encourages patrons to use the Macombs Dam Park Interim Track and Field, located in Lot 1 at 161st Street, which will remain open to the public until a permanent track and field is installed on the rooftop of Macombs Dam Park.

In addition, Parks is currently constructing one permanent synthetic turf ballfield at PS 29, which will be completed later this fall, and one permanent synthetic turf ballfield at West Bronx Recreation Center, which will be completed by next spring. These are newly created fields that were not previously available to the public.

During construction of the new Macombs Dam Park, park patrons are encouraged to utilize neighboring parks and recreational facilities. Little league fields are available in Claremont Park, Franz Sigel Park, and Mullaly Park. Handball courts exist in Claremont Park, Clay Playground, Goble Playground, Merriam Playground South, Mott Playground, Mullaly Park, and Nelson Playground. Basketball courts can be found at Claremont Park, Franz Sigel Park, Goble Playground, Merriam Playground, Mullaly Park, and Nelson Playground.

Please note that all organized leagues and special events require a Parks permit for usage of an athletic field or area within a park. Please refer to Parks’ website at for further information regarding permit applications, neighboring parks facilities, and construction timetables for the Yankee Stadium Redevelopment Project.

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