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Volume XXIX, Number 6049
Monday, Mar 03, 2014

Parks Salutes Its Employees Of The Month (Part I)

The Ops21 Brooklyn Analyst Team is the Operations Employee of the Month for January. The team is composed of: Jennifer Elam, Amy Chen, Thomas Boman, and Christina Pisano.

All four of these analysts were hired in early 2013 as a part of the new Ops21 program. This program grew out of our Agency’s desire for a more consistent approach to the way we conduct field operations. We achieved this by creating zone hubs for mobile crew dispatch and introducing new metrics to more effectively manage performance across our widespread operations.
These four analysts have shown tireless dedication to the Ops21 Program, and all were driven to make it a success. Amy and Jennifer were involved from the start of the program in Brooklyn, with Thomas and Christina joining shortly thereafter.
They have all demonstrated skill for quickly analyzing data and using it to identify areas in need of improvement in our operations. With their foundation of analytical skills and friendly attitudes, they have prevailed over many challenges. They have studied the subtle differences in the “personalities” of different zones and learned how to overcome other obstacles involving day-to-day operations. The analysts have been known to say things like, “We love data.” Through Ops21, we look forward to enumerating the benefits of these new tools and sharing them with our field staff throughout the City.
It just so happens that all four of these analysts are proud Brooklyn residents, making Ops21 Brooklyn a true labor of love in their home borough!
For their innovation and pioneering spirit, the team was nominated by Brooklyn Chief of Operations Charlie Gili, Assistant Commissioner for Operations Russell Antonucci, and First Deputy Commissioner Liam Kavanagh.

Carol Landes is the Public Programs Employee of the Month for January.

Carol began her career at Parks in 1984 as a seasonal employee and was promoted to a full-time Recreation Specialist in 2009. During her tenure with our Agency, Carol has served at various locations and capacities throughout Queens and Staten Island.
In her latest role, Carol performs a variety of functions at Greenbelt, Staten Island’s largest Recreation Center with nearly 3,700 active members! Her specialty lies in overseeing the Arts, Culture, and Fun mission at Greenbelt. Since Carol took the Staten Island arm of this program under her wing, a broad range of exciting events have taken place featuring prominent artists, authors, musicians, actors, chefs and more. One of these events featured an actor from The Sopranos and Goodfellas!
Carol will also be spearheading the new Greenbelt Tots program in the coming weeks. This program will feature a combination of classes which will assist in the development of motor skills, social interaction, and creativity for tots ages 9 months to 5 years old.
Carol’s positive attitude, strong work ethic, and excellent communication skills have made an impact on all Greenbelt programming. She is a dedicated Parkie who is always looking for the next exciting event or program to plan at Greenbelt. Her enthusiasm is evident to both her fellow Parkies and to the recreation center members that she serves every day.
For her creativity and service, Carol was nominated by Greenbelt Center Manager Lauren Primerano, Chief Paul Fontana, Borough Commissioner Adena Long, and Deputy Commissioner Robert Garafola.

Alicia Williams is Capital’s Employee of the Month for January.

Alicia is the Minority and Women’s-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Program Manager for the Capital Division. In this role, she provides oversight in implementing our Agency’s MWBE program goals. This month, Alicia celebrated her two-year “Parks-iversary,” and in her two years with our Agency, she has been able to build the MWBE unit from scratch—transforming it into an integral part of Management Services and the Capital division.
Alicia works to ensure that goals are accurately set and works with prime contractors to guarantee they fulfill their obligations. Since starting at Parks, waivers have drastically gone down in number while a high percentage of goals set by the agency have been met. In Fiscal Year 2013, Parks did not receive a single MWBE subcontracting goal modification request. This is a testament to how effective Alicia is at her job.
While at the same time overseeing compliance, Alicia also attends and hosts countless MWBE events. She organized a “Meet the General Contractors” event last summer, which was a huge success and received ebullient praise from all involved.
We have been aggressive in our usage of MWBE firms and we’ve been named the MWBE “Agency of the Year” by the Comptroller’s office multiple times. Our Agency’s MWBE program is held in high esteem, due in large part to Alicia and her dedication to the program.
Alicia takes on work that is usually accomplished by a team of staff and does so with ease. She is always professional and provides a service for the Parks Department that would be hard to replace.
Alicia is a proud single mother of a 12-year-old son named Joshua.
For her vision and dedication, Alicia was nominated by Chief Charlette Hamamgian, Deputy Commissioner Robert Garafola, and Deputy Commissioner Therese Braddick.


"Like so many Americans, she was trying to construct a life
that made sense from things she found in gift shops."

Kurt Vonnegut
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