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Volume XXVIII, Number 5981
Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013

Six Reasons To Install A Green Roof

Create a Wonderful Green Space for Employees and the Public: The Green Roof is a wonderful place to take a break, enjoy lunch, take in some fresh air, chat with colleagues and replenish energy during the work day.

Improve Water Quality: A Green Roof filters and retains stormwater runoff and keeps pollutants from reaching surrounding natural waters.

Conserve Water: A Green Roof retains stormwater runoff in its soils and collects excess water in retention tanks to be used later during low periods of rainfall, requiring no additional water from the public water system.

Reduce Heat Island Effect: A Green Roof reduces the temperature of the roof surface as well as the surrounding area, which is especially important in summer. Heat is not radiated out into the neighborhood at night, which is what happens on black roofs or black pavement. Because of this, less energy is used to cool the building and the surrounding neighborhood has a chance to cool off once the sun goes down.

Extend the Life of the Roof: Green Roofs protect the building roof from sun, rain, wind, snow and all weather phenomenon, thereby protecting the roof and slowing its deterioration.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Requirements: As the Green Roof acts as added roof insulation (i.e., increases the “R” value), the building will better retain heat or cooling, in winter or summer, respectively. For an agency that is GHG emission conscious, this is a very important benefit.

The Green Roof at the Five Borough building belongs to all New Yorkers, and Assistant Commissioner for Citywide Services Artie Rollins is happy to provide a tour to all those who would like to see and learn about Green Roofs. If you’d like to schedule a tour with Assistant Commissioner Rollins, contact Jackie Morgan at 212-410-8961 or

To monitor atmospheric conditions on the Green Roof at Five Borough go to the following website.

Have an energy saving idea for gas, electric or steam? Contact Matt Brown, Parks Energy Manager,, or Bill Vilkelis, Parks Energy Liaison,, part of the Citywide Services Energy and Sustainability Team.


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