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Volume XXVIII, Number 5916
Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013

Hong Kong Delegation Visits City Parks

Age-friendly NYC recently invited NYC Parks to give an overview of its senior programs to a delegation visiting from Hong Kong. Parks staff were excited for the opportunity, since Age-friendly NYC has been a rewarding initiative that has benefitted seniors across the city. Age-friendly NYC is run jointly by the New York Academy of Medicine, the Mayor’s Office, and the City Council.

The visiting Hong Kong delegation, made up of government officials and private sector groups, came to New York City to learn about age-friendly programs in the city. Due to an increasing amount of people over the age of 65 in Hong Kong, they are now looking at ways to make parks and all other aspects of life more welcoming for older adults.

On July 23, the group of 25 representatives toured some of NYC Parks’ wonderful programs. The first stop of the tour was Sunset Park Pool, an ideal site to highlight Senior Splash in a community where many speak Chinese regularly. The senior swim program started at Thomas Jefferson Pool in partnership with Age-friendly NYC and has since expanded to 15 outdoor pools across the City, including Sunset. The delegation was greeted by Mary Polemarhakis, Director of Program Development, Public Programs; Gary Rozman, APRM and Parks Academy Instructor; Nelson Fung, PRM; and Aquatics staff who talked to the group about our senior programs. The delegation enjoyed chatting with the participating seniors and hearing the stories they had to share.

Afterwards, they were given a short demonstration of Walk NYC in Sunset Park, led by instructor Angel Roman. Walk NYC, sponsored by Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, is a free walking program, open to all ages. Many of the walkers that participate in Walk NYC are older adults, who enjoy the low-impact program. Angel finished the demonstration with a spectacular view of the city skyline.

The next stop was Brooklyn Bridge Park. Since NYC and Hong Kong are both surrounded by bodies of water, Parks gave the delegation a tour of Brooklyn Bridge Park, showcasing a blossoming park near a waterfront. On the bus ride on the way there, Gary told the delegation of the bridge's history and even a little bit about his own history with Parks. Unfortunately, time ran short and the delegation departed to their next event. Given a slice of NYC's age-friendly programs, the delegation left with smiles and some ideas of what may come to Hong Kong.

Written by Eva Yung
Intern, Central Recreation


“What is youth except a man or a woman before it is ready or fit to be seen?”

Evelyn Waugh
(1903 - 1966)

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