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Volume XXVIII, Number 5906
Tuesday, Jul 23, 2013

Philip Granitto Honored As Manager Of The Year

Photo by Daniel Avila

At the recent Annual Awards Ceremony, Philip Granitto was honored as the Parks Manager of the Year.

Philip Granitto’s unwavering commitment to the Capital Division is apparent to all who work with him. As Deputy Chief of Construction, Phil is responsible for the quality assurance control of our construction projects. This involves working with the Team Leaders and Directors of Construction to make sure that capital’s projects come in on time and on budget which is no small task. Part of his responsibility involves supervising the Building’s Construction, Arboriculture & Horticulture, and Shop Drawings Units. In addition, he works on special construction projects.

Phil began his career at parks on September 24, 1989 as an Engineering Technician. As he become more involved with parks operations, he was promoted in September 1995 to a Construction Project Manager Intern. Phil has subsequently been promoted frequently up the chain of command to his current position in September 2008 as the Deputy Chief of Construction. In a year of outstanding performances by so many Parks capital employees, Phil stood out for his continued dedication and strong leadership.

Every year seems to bring extremely challenging capital construction projects, and this year was no exception. Phil balanced his daily job responsibilities with the constant oversight of two complex projects, construction on the Carmine Carro Community Center at Marine Park and the Bushwick Inlet M & O facility in Brooklyn, to ensure that they were completed correctly. After many weeks of 12-hour work days at each location, Phil earned the respect of project contractors, his colleagues and subordinates for his extraordinary follow up skills as well as his ability to size up a situation, develop a strategy to fix the problem, and facilitate a solution.

Phil was also essential to the agency’s storm recovery. He is the Job Captain in the Rockaways to oversee the completion of the recovery at the beach.

Surprisingly, all of this work doesn’t even begin to describe half of Phil’s daily responsibilities. In addition to the oversight of several capital units, he handles issues with Engineering Audit and helps the team move change orders quickly and effortlessly through the process. He also meets with contractors, settles their concerns, and addresses payment and construction issues.

Phil is a dedicated Parkie who makes his challenging job look easy. He is calm under pressure, sensitive to staff and contractor needs and is able to maintain a sense of humor, even under difficult and demanding circumstances. His advice is among the most trusted at the Olmsted center, and he epitomizes the description of Manager of the Year.


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James Carville
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