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Volume XXVIII, Number 5905
Monday, Jul 22, 2013

Anthony Navarra Honored As Rookie Of The Year

Photo by Daniel Avila

At the recent Annual Awards Ceremony, Anthony Navarra was honored as the Parks Rookie of the Year.

In a year in which Parks has seen an influx of new hires, one stands out among many other smart, capable, energetic and hard-working individuals. The rookie we are celebrating embodies those characteristics. With nearly 90 Queens parks sustaining damage during Superstorm Sandy, outstanding employees were critical both during and especially after the storm. The Parks Department was fortunate to hire Anthony as well as countless other exceptional employees during that time of need.

Anthony Navarra started with parks on July 1, 2012 as a CPW and immediately stood out amongst his peers. Following the Storm, he was promoted to a Seasonal Crew Chief where his responsibilities included installing and maintaining snow fencing, operating the bobcat for numerous jobs, leading paint crews throughout the district, and backing up surf rakes with a beach wagon throughout the damaged Queens waterfront on the Rockaways. As he continued to exhibit an exceptional work ethic, he was promoted to his present position, seasonal park supervisor, at the start of this summer.

Anthony has proven to be an extremely dedicated employee during his short tenure. What sets him apart from his peers is his constant flexibility and his eagerness to perform whatever work is necessary to get the job done. Anthony also has a distinct awareness and concern for the public good and is easily able to identify and to repair any potential safety hazards.

An excellent example of Anthony’s dedication could be witnessed in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy where a number of water mains had broken in his district. He immediately sprang into action, securing sites until DEP was able to arrive and resolve the problem.

Anthony is able to think on his feet and adapt quickly to developing situations. For instance, when a lifeguard chair was left out during high tide and was dragged into the ocean, Anthony responded quickly. He was able to secure the chair using a chain and after retrieving it, he then repaired the broken wood slats himself. The chair was placed back into circulation and was used again to ensure the safety of beach patrons. These two brief examples only scratch the surface of what Anthony has done for the Parks Department this past year.

In naming Anthony as Rookie of the Year, it is not one specific example that makes him stand out, but the sum of all of his hard work, dedication, ingenuity, and commitment to his job. He is an asset to the agency, a breath of fresh air, and we are lucky to have him on our Rockaway team, our Queens team and our Parks team.


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