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Volume XXVIII, Number 5826
Thursday, Mar 28, 2013

Parks Salutes Its Employees Of The Month (Part III)

Irventz Garcon is Management’s Employee of the Month for January.

Irventz began working for Parks in 2008 as an Employment Counselor for the Parks Opportunity Program. His “Tour de Parks” has included stints at the Brownsville Recreation Center, McLaughlin Park, the POP office at the Parks Academy, and most recently Manhattan’s POP Office at Marcus Garvey Park.

Irventz is wholeheartedly committed to the POP mission. As an employment counselor, he offers career guidance, interview coaching, and resume development to his clients. During meetings, he is quick to provide insightful feedback and suggestions to improve program efficiency. When POP created a resume task force, Irventz was immediately nominated to help establish the best practices for quality resume development. Tasked with this undertaking, he took advantage of resume writing workshops administered by the NY Public Library and eagerly shared the information he learned with his colleagues.

Irventz goes above and beyond to support his colleagues when they are in need. When members of the POP staff required extended leave due to Hurricane Sandy related emergencies, Irventz jumped in to fill the void without hesitation. He refuses to let the work of POP go incomplete and stands by his colleagues at POP.

Irventz is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work and utilizes the knowledge gained in his career counseling courses when working with his clients. Irventz not only provides career coaching and support, but he holds clients accountable in reaching their goals, empowering them in reaching self-sufficiency.

Irventz is a proud Queens resident, having moved to NYC from Haiti. He is also a father of two young children. Every summer he jokes that his wedding anniversary, wife’s birthday, as well as that of his two children, occur in the same month. He says he can never forget any of the significant dates; it’s a month full of celebration.

For his commitment to POP, Irventz was nominated by Director of Employment Counseling Solita Alexander, Chief of POP Liza Ehrlich, and Deputy Commissioner Robert Garafola.

Channaly Philipp is Management’s Employee of the Month for February.

Channaly has been with Partnerships for Parks (P4P) since 2006. She started as the Technical Assistance Coordinator for Communities of Interest, where she coordinated efforts around street tree stewardship and the "Immigrants and Parks Collaborative." In 2010, she transitioned into her current role as Technical Assistance Coordinator for Grants & Resource Development.

Channaly coordinates P4P’s small grants programs including the Capacity Fund and Catalyst grants. She also assists park community groups in their fundraising efforts, providing technical assistance on best practices.

Hurricane Sandy had a devastating impact on many Parks volunteers, who lost homes, office space and equipment. This greatly affected the ability of community groups to support their local parks spaces. Channaly recognized the need for emergency funding and acted quickly to put together a proposal for a special Hurricane Sandy Recovery grant. To date, it has awarded nearly $20,000 to nine groups for a range of proposals including projects to help clean up and rebuild damaged park areas, and to replace supplies and equipment.

Channaly is assiduous and dedicated to P4P’s mission of supporting community park groups. In her spare time, she is a volunteer reporter for the Epoch Times and has written on a variety of topics. She lives in Astoria, Queens with her husband and daughter.

For her unrelenting excellent service and dedication, Channaly was nominated by Director of Technical Assistance for Partnerships for Parks Jordan Pender and Deputy Commissioner Larry Scott Blackmon.


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