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Volume XXVIII, Number 5824
Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013

Parks Salutes Its Employees Of The Month (Part I)

Susan Kornacki is the Commissioner’s Employee of the Month for December.

Susan started her career at as an AmeriCorps volunteer in August 2010 and was quickly promoted to a full-time employee. She is now the Volunteer Coordinator for MillionTreesNYC.
Many tree care workshops are focused in six neighborhoods that have been identified as having the greatest need for trees. Susan has increased both the number of volunteers we reach and the volume of trees that are cared for in these neighborhoods. She has made herself available during evenings and weekends to offer additional tree care workshops. She has also lent a hand to burgeoning tree care groups who are beginning to lead their own community tree care days. If that isn’t enough, Susan oversees volunteer recruitment for our large-scale planting days where thousands of New Yorkers come together for this worthy cause.
During this past fall season, Susan trained our latest generation of Civic Corps members, teaching them our planting practices, volunteer tree care curriculum and community outreach plans. She has gone out of her way to provide Corps members with a rewarding experience. Most recently, she signed the team up to plant trees in Van Cortlandt Park where they planted 900 trees.
In short, Susan is a model Parkie. Her positive attitude is infectious in the office. Her colleagues describe her as an excellent listener, a team-player and a true leader in engaging communities in volunteerism.
For her invaluable contributions to our agency and to MillionTreesNYC, Susan was nominated by MillionTrees Program Director Morgan Monaco, Assistant Commissioner for Strategic Initiatives Sue Donoghue, and Commissioner White.

Rodney Collazo is the Commissioner’s Employee of the Month for January.

In February 1993, Rodney joined the New York City Mentoring Program and was hired in record time to work in Commissioner Gotbaum’s office just a few months later. He later held various positions with the Urban Park Service, including dispatcher, PEP Officer, PEP Sergeant, Communications Lieutenant, and Assistant Director of Communications. In 2008, he departed UPS for greener pastures with the Telecommunications Division, where he currently shines in his role as Assistant Director.
Rodney ensures that our mobile devices remain operational and secure. He also implements and installs NYCWiN, to provide our agency access to high speed data, video and emergency voice communications throughout the five boroughs. Rodney also manages all wireless capital projects at Parks, which saves the agency $150,000 a year.
Rodney practices outstanding customer service. Under the tutelage of Ralph Galileo, he knows that it’s the key to any successful operation. He is known within the agency for being extremely responsive and pleasant to work with. He readily responds to site repairs and assists with voice and data communication requests.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Rodney’s assistance was vital to Agency operations. He assisted wherever connectivity was lost so that methods of communication, which we often take for granted, could continue to work properly. He did whatever was asked of him, including helping Forestry with street surveys when they asked for his assistance. He worked out of different locations, including the command bus, and even slept in the office for two nights so that he would be on site if needed.
Accolades are not new to Rodney; he was the recent recipient of the Latino Society Award. In addition to these accomplishments, Rodney is a dedicated husband and father.
For his work ethic and for being a model Parkie, Rodney was nominated by Director of Telecommunications Ralph Galileo, Assistant Commissioner David Stark, Deputy Commissioner Robert Garafola, and Commissioner White.

To be continued!


“Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be.
Become one yourself!”

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
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