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Volume XXVIII, Number 5813
Monday, Mar 11, 2013

Sustainable Parks Corner

Parks is kicking off our first monthly tune-up of the year and focusing on reducing paper waste. Tune into the Sustainable Parks Corner for profiles, tips, facts and other information related to how you can reduce your footprint!

Green Pledge Revisited: P-j Greiner

Position: PS 2, Prospect Park & District 14
Borough: Brooklyn
Pledge: Use scrap paper in copiers and printers and use a single printout each week to monitor permits as opposed to printing each permit, saving thousands of pages of paper.

Why did you choose this as your pledge?
I felt guilty that I had not really tried to separate and recycle at home or on the job. I was looking for an easy way to save paper, money and recycle all at the same time. I knew there were boxes and boxes of very good quality paper with outdated letterheads and outdated maps. I just started collecting it, putting it aside, and using it on my desk printer and in one tray of our large copy machine.

What have you done to follow through on your green pledge?

I keep on the look-out for outdated paper, outdated fliers, and any paper that is blank on the reverse side that can be used in the printers and copiers. I also collect colored paper fliers and use the reverse side for my own seasonal signs. I also cut up paper with a blank reverse to make smaller "note size" pieces.

I no longer receive individual paper copies of permits. I receive them electronically. I also receive weekly and monthly summaries electronically.

What specific challenges have you faced in following through with your pledge?
Not too many challenges; there seems to be an unending supply of "scrap" paper.

Has this pledge made you more conscious of your actions elsewhere?
Yes, I am better at recycling all paper in my office. We make an effort to bring recycling to the proper collection points in the borough.

Join the 1,272 other Parkies who have made a Green Pledge on the Sustainability Intranet page and receive a reusable water bottle. Tell us your Green Pledge story at

Did You Know?

Of the 720,000 sheets of paper the Arsenal used in 2012, the peak consumption was during June, July and August with an average of 77,481 sheets per month. The least amount of paper used was during November, at 41,809 sheets.

Green Tip: Format documents so they are ready to print

Plenty of excess paper is generated by text leaking onto the next page, whether they are on typed documents or pages printed from the internet. Get in the habit of selecting "Print Preview" and formatting the document to reduce the number of pages. You can choose what pages you want printed, reduce margins, alter font and image size, and add multiple slides per page on PowerPoint handouts.

Have other formatting questions? Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance at 212-830-7911 or or ask your network administrator. Want to suggest a paper saving tip? Email us at


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