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Volume XXVIII, Number 5771
Tuesday, Jan 08, 2013

Parks Salutes Its Employees Of The Month (Part III)

Sgt. Jessica Carrero is the Public Programs Employee of the Month for November

Sgt. Carrero started her career with Parks on April 1, 2001 as a Seasonal Park Worker and was soon hired as an Urban Park Ranger. She was promoted to oversee the Parks Conservation Corps in 2003 and the Junior Rangers in 2004. Since 2006, she has been a permanent Associate Urban Park Ranger.

Sgt. Carrero supervises the Bronx Rangers and oversees the operation of four nature centers. She develops and carries out free Weekend Adventures, provides outreach for The Natural Classroom school programs, and manages the Ranger Conservation Corps afterschool program.

Sgt. Carrero works mainly in Pelham Bay and Van Cortlandt Parks, where she establishes patrol and enforcement assignments. An expert on park wildlife, she provides information as well as safety services to the public. Sgt. Carrero was recognized for her dedicated, knowledgeable contributions to the Parks’ Search & Rescue Team with an Employee of the Month award in 2010.

A recent event warranted this recognition for her once again. On October 28, CSA Ranger Jessica Schwartz heard loud chopping noises while on foot patrol in the South Meadow Section of Pelham Bay Park. She immediately notified Sgt. Carrero and requested back-up. The Rangers identified a suspect in the area with an axe in his possession. He was taken into custody, and transported to the 45th precinct.

Jessica is an avid outdoors woman and a weight lifter in her spare time. For her extraordinary efforts, she was nominated by Sarah Aucoin, Director of the Urban Park Rangers; Richard Simon, Deputy Director of the Urban Park Rangers; and Annika Holder, Assistant Commissioner for Public Programs.

Jose Baez is an Operations Employee of the Month for November

Jose started with Parks in August 2006 as a City Park Worker working with Parks’ Natural Resource Group. He is now a Horticulture Crew Chief in Manhattan’s District 8.

In his current role, Jose stands out for his impeccable organizational skills and his ability to multi-task, which is necessary to keep ahead of his extensive workload. He is responsible for sector-wide horticulture in Manhattan Districts 6, 8 and 15. You can find Jose maintaining wide-ranging and high-profile facilities such as those at Gracie Mansion, Stuyvesant Park, Asser Levy Park, Andrew Haswell Green Park, 24 Sycamores Playground, Tramway Park, Stanley Isaacs Park, East 96th Street Greenstreets, Ruppert Park, and John Jay Park.

As we all know, Hurricane Sandy took its toll on our trees, including those in Manhattan’s District 12. After the storm passed, Jose stayed at the Highbridge Park Recreation Center overnight just so that he could get an early start on tree removal each morning. Jose proceeded to break down every fallen tree and limb in the sector, including several large trees in Carl Schurz Park. Day after day he worked his way through the sector, one tree at time. During this tree removal binge, he went through three chains and two bars on his saw.

Jose is passionate about music. He was a member of the rap/rock band called Shootyz Groove, who released albums in the late 80s and early 90s. He is married with twin daughters and enjoys biking and kayaking in Bronx Parks.

For his incredible dedication during extreme circumstances, Jose was nominated by Park and Recreation Manager Mark Vaccaro and First Deputy Commissioner Liam Kavanagh.

George Pardo is an Operations Employee of the Month for November

George started his career at Parks in 2001 as a seasonal City Park Worker in Brooklyn’s District 9. He was promoted to a year round CPW in 2002, became an APSW in 2003, and in 2004 became a full-time maintenance worker and pool supervisor. He is now a Park Supervisor 1 in Brooklyn’s District 7. In this role, George is responsible for the cleanliness and safety of all parks, playgrounds, and green streets in the District. During the summer months, he is a Park Supervisor 2 pool coordinator and oversees the operation of all pools in Brooklyn.

George is professional, goal oriented, hard-working and takes pride in all that he does. His enthusiasm and “lead by example” approach to management make him a great role model and effective leader. He is well-respected and well-liked, and he motivates his staff by approaching his own work with a contagious enthusiasm. George is always the last person out of the district at the end of the day and often comes in on his days off. He has been called, “the backbone of District 7.”

After Sandy, George deployed crews to all parks within District 7. George devised a plan to clear out pathways, remove hanging limbs, operate chain saws, secure play equipment areas, and remove debris and garbage (he and his crew bagged between 200-300 bags of leaves). In just three days, 19 out of 21 main parks in District 7 were ready to open.

George is a family man and the proud father of two sons. In his spare time, he enjoys fixing bicycles and going for bike rides all over the city.

For his leadership and commitment to the Agency, George was nominated by Park and Recreation Manager Nelson Fung and First Deputy Commissioner Liam Kavanagh.


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