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Volume XXVII, Number 5737
Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012

Forestry On The Front Lines

Photo by Gaetano Battista

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and Nor’Easter Athena, our Forestry Division received more than 24,000 311 service requests from the public including more than 14,000 for downed trees. We have already completed nearly 8,000 work orders. Many of those service requests were for street tree conditions with many more trees having been affected inside of parks.

A Brooklyn Forestry crew is featured in the photo where they are removing a 50” tree that was uprooted and resting on a house in Bay Ridge. The crew was led by PS1 Robert McCarthy with C&P Robert Kristofferson, C&P Greg Russ, and APSW George Salcedo. They used the utmost care in making sure no further damage was done to the home.

Partners at the federal, state and local level are working hand in hand with Parkies in all five boroughs. We are grateful to forestry staff from State DEC, State DOT, the New York Restoration Project, NYC DEP, the National Forest Service and FEMA for assisting our crews in the five boroughs. Our thanks also go out to staff from DDC for assisting with sidewalk inspections, SCOUT crews for helping us confirm street closings, HPD staff for assessing parks in Staten Island and BIC inspectors who have been out around the clock inspecting tree conditions.

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate your dedication and spectacular work. Thank you for your service.

Veronica M. White


Caught Green Handed
Olmsted Center Green Guru Laura Drawbaugh caught Preservation Landscape Architect Joe Disponzio loading paper that was already printed on one side into the printer so that he could re-use it and print on the blank side. Joe has been with Parks since 2008 and worked at the agency as well from 1979-1988.

Parkies – Catch someone “Green Handed” at your work location! E-mail with your nomination.

Green Tip of the Week
Heating season is here. Remember that building temperatures are to be maintained at no higher than 68 degrees F when heating systems are on. Here are Five simple steps to conserve energy while remaining comfortable at your workplace this fall and winter:

1. Open blinds, shades, and drapes during daylight hours in order to take advantage of the natural light and heat provided by the sun.
2. Arrange desks, chairs and work stations away from windows and outside walls to avoid cold drafts.
3. Keep radiators and hot-air registers clear and free of obstructions such as books, files, or plants.
4. Make sure that window air conditioners are properly sealed.
5. Do not use supplementary heating equipment such as electric or kerosene space heaters; these are fire hazards and are absolutely prohibited.

Source: NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Division of Energy Management


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