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Volume XXVII, Number 5564
Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012

PlaNYC Summit Brings Sustainable-Minded New Yorkers Together

As part of the ongoing work to engage New Yorkers in the City’s long-term sustainability program, on Saturday, February 11, the City of New York convened the first-ever PlaNYC summit to make sustainability a part of local communities.

Hundreds of participants throughout the five boroughs attended the Grow Our Grassroots summit to learn how neighborhoods can take an active role in the initiatives for a greener, greater New York. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Carter Strickland, Office of Long-term Planning & Sustainability Director David Bragdon, and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz joined New Yorkers at Brooklyn Borough Hall for a series of workshops, such as caring for trees planted as part of the MillionTreesNYC initiative; using social media to motivate neighbors; and starting a community-compost.

Grow Our Grassroots is the first of many such efforts to connect local engagement with PlaNYC’s citywide initiatives to build upon their success and help meet New York’s sustainability goals.

“New York City has made great progress since we first launched PlaNYC, and we need New Yorkers’ help to support that work by caring for more than half of a million trees and upwards of 200 schoolyard to playground parks, as well as launching projects of their own,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Local participation can have a big impact, and by directly engaging with communities across the City, we will not only meet but surpass our goals to build a safer, healthier and cleaner future.”

The Grow Our Grassroots summit featured several different workshop sessions meant to support and expand upon the initiatives launched as a part of PlaNYC. Participants had the opportunity to learn how to care for newly-planted trees in Tree Watering 101; connect with neighbors on community projects in Community Organizing; set up a local inventory of organizers and projects in Mapping the Stewardship Network; and get tips on finding and applying for funds in Need Money? Fundraising for the People. Representatives from the Departments of Sanitation and Transportation, and GrowNYC also held office hours to provide direct consultation with attendees. The collaboration between City agencies, offices and community partners included: the Parks Department, DEP, MillionTreesNYC, NYC Service, New York Restoration Project, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and the Citizens Committee of New York.

Mayor Bloomberg launched PlaNYC in 2007 to build a sustainable City that could meet the needs of a growing population, support a competitive economy, combat climate change and improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers. Since then, the City has reached impressive milestones, such as the planting of more than 500,000 trees, the opening of more than 200 schoolyard to playgrounds, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The Mayor released an update to PlaNYC in 2011, setting 132 new initiatives and 400 new milestones to meet by December 31, 2013.


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