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Volume XXIII, Number 4649
Tuesday, Feb 19, 2008

Sarah Aucoin Named Director Of Urban Park Rangers

Sarah Aucoin, Director of Urban Park Rangers
Sarah Aucoin, Director of Urban Park Rangers

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Aucoin as Director of the Urban Park Rangers.

Sarah’s tenure in Parks spans seven years of innovation and programmatic expansion in the Rangers division. As Deputy Director of the Rangers, Sarah’s efforts took a broad focus, but she devoted much of her expertise and effort to the preservation of the endangered piping plover in Rockaway Park, the development and growth of the Eagle Reintroduction initiative in Inwood Hill Park, and most recently, the Alley Pond Adventure Challenge Course.

Sarah has a rich and accomplished academic background that includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the University of California – Santa Cruz, and a Master of Science degree in Ecology from the University of Louisiana. Sarah also attended the New York City Leadership Institute in 2004. She is an accomplished writer and researcher, having written and published a number of peer-reviewed monographs on subjects ranging from the breeding patterns of tadpoles to sexual bias in studies of animal behavior.

Sarah is married to Brian Aucoin , Director of the Green Apple Corps, with whom she has two sons – Arthur and Oscar.

Please join me in wishing Sarah every success as she leads the Urban Park Rangers into what I am sure will be a most productive period for their division and for the Agency.

- Adrian Benepe


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