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Volume XVII, Number 3582
Tuesday, Apr 02, 2002


Commissioner Benepe today announced the appointment of John Bachman as Chief of Operations in the Bronx and Namshik Yoon as Chief of Operations in Manhattan. "John and Nam bring a combined 35 years of experience to their positions," said Commissioner Adrian Benepe. "That experience was one of the reasons they did so well in the panel interviews. They also bring intelligence, dedication, and a sense of humor to their jobs."

John Bachman has spent his entire career in Parks, beginning in 1976 when he was a Seasonal Park Helper for Coney Island and Manhattan Beaches during 3 summers. For the next decade or so Bachman worked at the Van Cortlandt Pool and the Bronx Auto Repair Shop and later was a Park Supervisor in Central Park and Orchard Beach. In 1990, he became a Park Manager where he was responsible for the daily operation of 70 Parks properties. In 1995, Bachman became the Deputy Chief of Operations for Manhattan and since 1996 has served as the Deputy Chief of Operations in the Bronx. "John and I have worked as a team for the last five years," said Bronx Borough Commissioner Dottie Lewandowski. "And I’m very happy to see him step into this role as Chief of Operations."

For the last two years Namshik Yoon has served as Deputy Chief of Operations for Manhattan. He started his career at Parks in 1988 as a Park Ranger, playing a role in introducing a "sector patrol" policy in Queens. While Borough Director for Manhattan Rangers from 1990 to 1993, Yoon coordinated and produced a bus tour of Central Park. In 1993 Yoon crossed the 59th Street Bridge to Queens where he served as a Park Manager for many districts, including 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, and 14A. Seven years later, he retraced his steps and crossed back to Manhattan on the Queensborough bridge, becoming Deputy Chief of Operations in Manhattan. Among his major accomplishments was leading the Sherman Creek clean-up. Manhattan Borough Commissioner William Castro said, "I’m very pleased that Namshik has been promoted to Chief of Operations. In my short time here I’ve been impressed by his intelligence, savvy, and the hours he works. He has a real understanding of what makes the borough work."

Bachman lives in Kingsbridge, Bronx with his wife, Suzanne (a former Parkie), and his children, Claire and Kevin. Yoon lives in Douglaston, Queens, with his wife, Patricia. The Daily Plant congratulates John and Nam on their promotions and wishes them luck in their new positions.


Already an excellent source of information on New York City parks, the Parks Library has recently expanded its collection to include materials on park systems in cities from Detroit to Copenhagen. To date, the Library has received publications from parks departments in four U.S. cities and eight countries abroad. Acting Librarian John Mattera says, "Our collection is always expanding, and I hope that visitors will take advantage of these new resources. If you’re ever tired of reading about New York City Parks, we can now offer you information on parks in San Diego, Berlin, and even Kuwait."

By Jennifer Keeney


(Tuesday, April 11, 1989)



Hundreds of New Yorkers lined the city’s streets yesterday for a peek at part of the "Greatest Show on Earth," as world famous animal trainer Gunther Gebel-Williams led the way as 21 ponderous pachyderms pounded their way from Madison Square Garden to Central Park’s Great Lawn for a noontime smorgasbord of bagels and fruit.

At the park to greet the mammoth mammals and honor Gebel-Williams on his farewell tour with the Ringling Bros. Circus were Mayor Koch, Commissioner Stern, Ringling Bros. President Kenneth Feld and Ringmaster Eric Michael Gillett. Other guests included television start Joan Lundun of "Good Morning America," actress Susan Lucci of "All My Children," and Broadway actors Ruth Brown of "Black and Blue," and costumed members from "Cats."


"Some men see things as they are and ask, 'why?'

I dream things that never were and ask, 'why not?'"

Robert Francis Kennedy



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