Reports and Archives

Historical Reports, Press Releases, and Minutes

Browse annual reports from 1857 through 1934, press releases from 1934 through 1970, and minutes and documents from 1859 to 1930.


Progress Reports


NYC Parks Report on Progress 2014-2016

Read about NYC Parks' plans to bring the benefits of parks and public spaces to more New Yorkers than ever before.

2013 Annual Report

There's so much more to explore in our parks. Find out in the Go Park: 2013 Annual Report.

2008/2009/2010 Report

Read about the services and ideas developed and advanced from the beginning of fiscal year 2008 through the end of fiscal year 2010 in the 2008/2009/2010 Triennial Report.

2006-2007 Biennial Report

Read about Parks' initiatives and Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC vision in the 2006-2007 Parks' Biennial Report.

2004-2005 Biennial Report

Read about the accomplishments of the Department of Parks & Recreation in the 2004-2005 Parks' Biennial Report.

2002-2003 Biennial Report

2002-2003 Parks' Biennial Report detailing eight seasons of progress at Parks.

1998-1999 Biennial Report

1998-1999 Parks' Biennial Report detailing the goals and achievements at Parks.

Publications and Releases

The Daily Plant Archive

The Plant was a daily newsletter produced by Parks that provided information on our past initiatives, activities, and events.

Media Advisories Archive

Archive of Media Advisories.

Parks Return to Office Plan (Local Law 75 of 2020)

Our staff is committed to the City's restart in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As per Local Law 75 of 2020, we are releasing a report affirming our compliance with the Agency Return to Office Plan. As per the legislation, the report will be available until the mayor's emergency executive order has expired.

Park Maintenance Reporting (Local Law 98 of 2015)

Our staff spends extraordinary time and effort to keep our parks clean, safe, attractive, and functional for the public. As per Local Law 98 of 2015, we produce a report each year that shows how the work of our staff is distributed across the parks system. Since 2017, these reports compile the day-to-day maintenance, trade-related, and specialized staff work tracked for each park; the costs of work completed by our tradespeople and specialized crews; and Parks Enforcement Patrol staffing. By releasing these reports, we aim to provide the public a better understanding of how their parks are run, and to engage with them on improving how we operate.

In conjunction with the release of this report, Parks also makes the underlying report data publically available. Both AMPS repair records and Daily Tasks cleaning records are available on the NYC Open Data Portal. Given the sensitive nature of the payroll information, only an aggregate version has been made available and is published below with the corresponding fiscal year’s report.

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