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MillionTreesNYC TreeLC Week

Building Up Young Forests
Presented by the NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee and the NFL

Volunteers at Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx

New trees were planted last spring at sites across all five boros. Just as important to planting trees is ensuring their long-term health and survival through stewardship. During October 8 – 16, volunteers, with the support of the NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee and the NFL, will come out to all five boroughs and help take care of their neighborhood’s newest green asset—their growing forest. Volunteers will pull weeds, remove invasive vegetation, add mulch, and clean-up any litter. The stewardship activities will culminate in the largest planting in one site to date on Saturday October 19, 2013 with 20,000 trees and 5,000 shrubs planted at Rockaway Community Park.

Reforestation Overview

Reforestation is a key component of MillionTreesNYC, providing over one-third of the total trees to be planted in the campaign. This effort, building on the work that Parks’ Natural Resources Group (NRG) has been conducting since 1984, is transforming landscapes in areas throughout New York City.

Our goal is to establish new, ecologically healthy, multi-story forests. Multi-story forest plant communities are composed of large canopy trees like oak, sweetgum and tulip, smaller understory trees including dogwood and sassafras, shrubs, and herbaceous plants. New forests help expand canopy cover in New York City, increasing a myriad environmental benefits including stormwater capture, lower summer air temeratures, cleaner air, preserve wildlife habitat, and increase biodiversity. Read more

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