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Trees and Plants in New York City Parks

Explore trees, flowers, and other plants around you as you walk down your block, visit a beach, or explore our parks. Learn about how trees and plants help make our city greener and provide a safe haven for wildlife that visit and live in New York City. 

Activities and Education

Explore our trees and plants through the four seasons — spring, summer, autumn, and winter — and get to know our neighborhood trees and some of our celebrity trees.

a tree with a huge canopy

Great Trees 

There are 7 million trees in New York City, each a treasure in its own way. But some are even more special — uniquely formed, more than 100 years old, or have a storied past — we call them the "Great Trees" of New York City.

Meet NYC's Great Trees

map of trees on a grid

NYC Street Tree Map

Street trees bring nature closer to home. Virtually meet every single street tree in New York City — learn their names, how they help care for us, and how you can help better care for our neighborhood trees.

Explore our Street Tree Map

daffodils and tulips in bloom in a garden bed

Signs of Spring

As spring arrives, our trees and plants awaken from their winter slumber. Snowdrops peek out the frozen ground, daffodils spread their petals, and magnolias herald the blossoming of the trees.  

Check out our Spring Tracker

tiny yellow and white flowers on the forest floor

Native Plants: Spring Ephemerals

These wildflowers blossom on the forest floor before the tree canopies and shrubs fully leaf out then go underground until next spring! 

Meet our spring ephemerals

trees with gold and red leaves

Fall Foliage

When autumn arrives, some trees show off leaves that are golden yellow, vibrant red, or deep purple. Discover fall foliage in NYC and learn how to identity trees by their autumn colors.  

View our Fall Foliage Guide

pine trees in the snow

Evergreen Trees

Not all trees lose their leaves for winter, some stay green year-round. Learn about evergreen trees, such as pines, firs, and other conifers, and learn how to identify them.

Learn about evergreen trees

Mystery Museum with our Urban Park Rangers

Watch as our Urban Park Rangers solve nature's mysteries in under a minute!

Virtual Tours

Go behind the leaf with us to learn how we grow parks!

tiny, yellow golden rod flowers blossom near a pathway that leads through the woods

Ecology Park

This special landscape in Brooklyn is a re-creation of the natural ecologies that are found in NYC. It's home to 14 examples of different native plant communities that represent habitats of our city if left untouched.

Watch our virtual tour

solar panels on a green roof

Five Boro Green Roof

We're growing fruits, veggies, and flowers on a roof on Randall's Island. Comprising 40 examples of green roof design, this green roof serves as a model for sustainable design and a living example of climate action in NYC!

Watch a tour of the Five Boro Green Roof

bright orange flowers growing in a greenhouse

Forest Park Green House

Many of the plants that you see in our parks and garden beds in Brooklyn and Queens were born or raised at our greenhouse in Forest Park, Queens! 

Take a look around the
Forest Park Greenhouse

Ready to Go Exploring?

a trail through the woods

Hiking Trails

New York City is home to 300 miles of nature trails where you can explore the beauty of trees and plants in some of our wilder parks, from the woods of Van Cortlandt to the salt marsh of Marine Park.

Check out our hiking trails

Urban park rangers hike through the woods

Nature Exploration with the Urban Park Rangers

Learn about the unique characteristics of trees and plants and how they help NYC become greener.

Join an upcoming
Nature Exploration event 

a volunteer tends to a tree in the forest

Volunteer with our Stewardship Team

Our Stewardship Team helps care for our forests, street trees, and wetlands. Learn about the role of trees and plants in our ecosystems while giving back! 

Join an upcoming volunteer
event with Stewardship

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