Steps You Can Take To Fight Climate Change

The path to a greener and more resilient planet can sometimes feel overwhelming and out of your hands. But there are ways that you and your family can take action today to create a more livable planet for you and your children. Take these simple steps toward fighting climate change in NYC:

1. Recycle your holiday tree at Parks

New Yorkers drop of their trees in the park for recycling.

Bring your tree to a drop-off location; we'll chip your tree and convert the wood chips into mulch for parks and street trees, which play a major role in protecting us from climate change. Don't own a tree? Volunteer with our Stewardship Team to help spread the mulch around trees across NYC. Or, come to our Mulchfest chipping weekend to pick up a bag of mulch for your street tree or garden. This year, Mulchfest will take place from December 26 to January 9. Please check our Mulchfest page for Mulchfest locations. 

2. Take care of the trees on your block

The image shows cars driving down Eastern Parkway. The parkway is flanked by trees and neighborhood houses.

You may not have the resources to care for every tree on the planet, but you can start by caring for the tree on your block. Trees offer clear environmental and ecological benefits to the city. They clean our air, keep us cool, save on energy bills, and provide a healthy environment for future generations. Take the first step to caring for your tree: use the NYC Street Tree Map to find out how to water, weed, and plant your street tree bed -- be sure to record your care activities!

Does your block need more trees? Find out how you can have a tree planted on your sidewalk  

3. Recycle responsibly

The image shows a tall landfill littered with many pieces of trash.

Trash dumped at landfills harm our environment by sending toxins into our air, soil, and water. To help make our environment cleaner and greener, the City is encouraging New Yorkers to pledge to contribute zero waste to landfills by 2030. Find fun ways you can recycle your trash, compost food scrap, and re-purpose yard waste today.

When you visit parks, please help us keep our green spaces clean and healthy by disposing of your trash in the trash cans or take it with you.

4. Grow a pollinator garden

A bee lands on flowers in a garden.

With the changing climate, pollinators that help grow our food, such as birds, bees, bats, and butterflies, are at risk. You can help provide a safe haven for food and shelter by growing a pollinator garden with native plants. Use our Native Species Planting Guide to get started, and check out these home gardening tips from our expert gardeners on how to make your garden flourish.

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