Spring Date Ideas

Whether it's with a spring fling, a first date, or your loved one, here are a few ideas of places to go on a date in NYC this spring: 

A stroll through spring

Flushing Meadows Corona Park by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

Take your date on a lovely walk through some of the best parks to see spring. See cherry trees, eastern redbuds, tulips, daffodils, and crabapple trees in bloom!

Cherry Blossom Festivals

Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

Celebrate the blossoming of New York City's cherry trees with live music, art, and dance performances, inspired by Japanese culture. Find an upcoming cherry blossom festival

DIY BBQ at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photo by Etienne Frossard/Courtesy of Brooklyn Bridge Park

Thinking about firing up the grill for your date? Brooklyn Bridge Park's Picnic Peninsula at Pier 5 has several free hibachi grills. This picnic area is a hot spot come summer, so now's the time to enjoy a cozier experience (best at sunset). More information about Brooklyn Bridge Park

Looking for more spots to light up your grill in our parks? Visit our Barbecuing Areas page to find designated parks for barbecuing. 

Alley Pond Park Adventure Course

Photo by Malcolm PinckneyNYC Parks

Put your date to the test. The course features a zip-line, human sling shot, climbing wall, cat walk, trust fall stations, and more. Admission is free on Sundays, starting May 5, 2019! More information about Free Sundays at Alley Pond Park Adventure Course

South Beach

Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

It's quiet and less crowded at this Staten Island beach, across the water from Coney Island. The views are stunning here. Enjoy a romantic walk on the boardwalk, hang out on the pier, or relax on the beach. New York City beaches open for swimming on Memorial Day weekend. More information about South Beach

Thinking of checking out another NYC beach? Here's a list of Beaches in New York City, or take our What Beach Are You quiz and see what you get. 

Roller Skating

Photo by Julienne Schaer/Courtesy of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

At Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, you can party on the pier while skating to today's top hits! The roller rink re-opens for the season on April 12, 2019. More information about the Brooklyn Bridge Park Roller Rink

More date ideas!

Looking for more places to go on a date in NYC this spring? Check out these Romantic Spots in Parks. Stay tuned for our new Summer Date Ideas! See what it was like last year

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