New Year’s Resolutions

Let's look forward to 2021! Here are some outdoor goals you can set for yourself in the new year!

In 2021, I'd like to ...

Practice being more present

a park guests walks down a path lined by trees

Nature has a special way of guiding us through time, yet inspiring the “Aha!” moments we need right now. The next time you visit a park, stop to listen to the whistle of the wind while your eyes are closed; breathe in the fresh air; examine how the trees grow; and keep your eyes peeled for birds and squirrels. Venture out on one of our recommended hiking trails or join one of our upcoming hikes with the Urban Park Rangers.

Give back to nature

a volunteer plants a tree in a forest

Nature has kept us moving forward through our most difficult times, and now more than ever it needs your help, too. Climate change and pollution continue to threaten parks, street trees, and natural landscapes, like forests and salt marshes, and wildlife right here in NYC. Give back in a meaningful way this year by taking these simple steps to care for nature that cares for you, or by joining an upcoming volunteer event

Spend more time with family and friends

kids and family and friends ice skate on an outdoor rink surrounded by skyscrapers

Although we may not be able to gather indoors, we can still find moments together, virtually and outdoors! Our parks are open for socially-distanced picnics, playdates, ice skating, and sightseeing in the open-air. Or, make it an adventure — come along on socially-distanced Urban Park Ranger events outdoors in the parks; discover the wonders of NYC on a hiking trail; or bring the park to your online hangouts with our virtual backgrounds.

Get in shape without entering a gym

workout equipment placed along a track in a park

Working out in a park is a great way to stay active and in shape while enjoying the benefits of the outdoors. Enjoy fresh air and nature all around you while working on your fitness goals at your own pace. Check out our Guide to Outdoor Fitness at NYC Parks to find outdoor running tracks, outdoor fitness equipment, trails, and courts near you. 

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