Fall Foliage Destinations at Parks: Lakes and Ponds

Autumn is one of the most colorful times of the year in our parks — the leaves on our trees change from gorgeous green to fiery yellow, red, and orange colors, and deep purple hues. Whether you're leaf-peeping or looking for a quiet space to reflect, visit these park destinations where you can take in the beauty of the season at the tranquil waters of our scenic lakes and ponds. Visit our Fall Foliage at Parks page to discover more parks to see fall foliage in NYC.

Allison Pond Park, Staten Island

A tiny pond flanked by trees in golden yellow foliage
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

Sit under a canopy of golden fall leaves as you look out to this picturesque pond. A stream trickles through the forested area in the park, offering peaceful moments of calm to help you unwind. Learn more about Allison Pond Park

Baisley Pond Park, Queens

Mute swans swim about the pond filled with lily pads and surrounded by trees changing to fall colors
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

Stop to admire the mute swans enjoying a fall day in this beautiful pond filled with lily pads and flanked by the trees changing into their autumn look. Learn more about Baisley Pond Park

Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island

Lakeside view of geese enjoying the water and the trees at peak fall foliage with red and orange leaves
Photo by Malcolm Pinckney/NYC Parks

Become enchanted by this park of lakes (three to be exact) and a waterfall! Meander through Clove Lakes Park's winding pathways that lead you into a towering forest and past lakes that water birds love. Learn more about Clove Lakes Park

Kissena Park, Queens

View of a lake flanked by fall colors on the trees
Photo by Adrian Sas/NYC Parks

Take in this sweeping view of fall foliage at Kissena Lake, steps away from a grove of exotic trees. Learn more about Kissena Park

Oakland Lake at Alley Pond Park, Queens

An opening in a wooden fence leads out to a lake which features a towering view of the forest and a walkway flanked by trees with red leaves
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

It's hard to believe that you're still in NYC when you're here at Oakland Lake. Come take a stroll around this Queens gem and become inspired by the beauty of nature in autumn. Learn more about Alley Pond Park

Prospect Park Lake, Brooklyn

A park visitor walk under the trees in fall colors by the lake
Photo by Adrian Sas/NYC Parks

Prospect Park is gorgeous year-round but especially in the fall when the park glows gold. At the heart of the park, you'll discover many nooks lakeside where you can commune with nature uninterrupted.  Learn more about Prospect Park

Silver Lake Park, Staten Island

View from the hillside of trees in red and orang fall colors looking out to the lake.
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

A surprisingly breathtaking view of a lake and a kaleidoscope of fall colors await you at this beloved park on Staten Island. We won't ruin the surprise —come see it for yourself! Learn more about Silver Lake Park

The Pond at Central Park, Manhattan

Photo by NYC Parks

The concrete jungle meets nature at this picturesque welcome to Central Park, located on the south side of the park just steps from 5th Avenue. Learn more about Central Park

Van Cortlandt Lake, Bronx

lakeside view of the tress changing into fall colors
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

This view of the lake is a must-see stop on the new Putnam Trail, which links Van Cortlandt Park to the trailways Upstate. Learn more about Van Cortlandt Park

Willowbrook Park, Staten Island

Willows hang over a lake in the park
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

Come sit lakeside where the soothing sway of the park's namesake willow trees adds charm and moments of calm to an already gorgeous view. Learn more about Willowbrook Park

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