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Poe Park Visitor Center Gallery: LGBTQIA+ Pride Online Exhibition

The Poe Park Visitor Center proudly presents an LGBTQIA+ Pride Exhibition in celebration of Pride Month! The exhibition features moving visual art from emerging and established visual and performance artists.

About Poe Park Visitor Center

Poe Park Visitor Center is a community hub at Poe Park in the Bronx that offers art, literature, fitness, and community events. Due to the pandemic, the center is closed until further notice and the gallery has temporarily moved online. 

Julia Justo

Artist statement: My work is a photographic documentation of the dignity and increased visibility of the LGBTQ community. The photographs were taken in New York City.

an individual walks through a crowd with a mask on and is surrounded by someone flying a Pride flag and another person holding up a Black Trans Lives Matter poster

Queer Memory

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an individual holds up a Pride flag while wearing a mask that reads: Revolt. The word is repeated 3 times

About the artist: Julia Justo is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist working across photography, installation, mixed media, and social practice. Julia, of combined Indigenous and Italian descent, was born in La Plata, Argentina, in 1963. When she moved to New York her sense of identity became increasingly complex as she migrated to a land with a significantly different culture than the one she grew up in. Julia received her MFA from La Plata University. She has exhibited extensively in the United States and abroad including Smack Mellon, Bric Arts Media, Hunterdon Art Museum, Asheville Art Museum, and Museo de Bellas Artes.

Laura Anne Walker

Artist statement: All of my artwork is about finding joy and physical and mental wellness no matter what may befall, and thriving. My art pieces are still powered by the 20 years I lived with felines who accompanied me through the best and worst of times.

illustration of three individuals standing on a platform between 2 staircases. The individual in the middle is wearing a shirt that reads: Cool Cat. Words on the staircase to the bottom of the image read: We don't hold hands in public. You would't understand. Yes, I love men and still I am a man... If he doesn't stop paying attention to the other guy, I will stop even bothering to try to make this RELATIONSHIT work.


mixed media on watercolor paper, 11x14, 2020

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About the artist: Laura Anne Walker is a native New Yorker born in 1957 who has been professionally exhibiting since 1996. Laura has won prizes in international art exhibits. Laura's artwork and herself have been featured in national and international publications, and in the collections of Kim Cattrall; Patch Adams, MD, who Robin Williams portrayed in the movie Patch Adams; Hartford Hospital; and in the collections of everyday people. 

Gloria Zapata

Artist statement: As a Lesbian and Afro-Latina artist/photographer, I enjoy creativity and expressing myself through my photography by telling a story. I appreciate when people embrace the beauty and movement in the photographs. I worked with people, models, and dancers, and I enjoy every capture and movement, and painting beautiful symbolic art on their bodies as a canvas. The challenge is sometimes being vulnerable and sharing a story that is personal to you; for example, my pride images of dancers and a portrait of myself is dedicated to all the people, family, friends —  embrace and continue to Love Yourself.

Two dancers hold up pride flags while standing on the rocks at the waterfront; the flags, the only part of the image in full color (the rest of the image is black and white) sway in the wind

City Pride, Dancers – Alex Barranco , Fabio Mariano

print, 11x14, 2017

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Two dancers hold up pride flags while standing on the rocks at the waterfront; the flags, the only part of the image in full color (the rest of the image is black and white) sway in the wind
In this black and white image, a dancer leaps up into the air, and behind is a structure that reads #LOVEIS in color
In this black and white photo, a dancer leaps above a sidewalk painted in pride colors while folks at the parade look on and show their pride flags. Only the flags and crosswalk are in color in this image
Black and white image of a dancer embracing herself while sitting with her legs up (in a V position) and wearing a pride-themed tutu. Only the tutu is in color
Image of a dancer looking away while covered in splashes of paint in pride colors and wearing the Pride flag
An individual holds up a Trans Pride flag
Black and white image of a dancer wearing the following items in color: red sunglasses, pride-themed skirt, and pride-themed socks while waving the Pride flag
Dancers, their bodies painted in various colors, lean in to each other to form a heart with their arms
a dancer holds up a Pride flag
black and white portrait of the artist in a crowd, and wearing (in color) a Pride necklace, beads, and a brand shirt

About the artist: "My accomplishments are for my work to speak, not only for me, but also for those that need the encouragement and continue healing. My passion for photography is to continue showing the world that when the world is seen in black and white, the beauty can be found in a splash of color. Also, to support the LGBTQ community and expose various talented people and diversity; such as, models, dancers, mural artists, and portraitures. My goal is to ultimately open my own gallery and educate the new generation, have more opportunities, and a space to teach workshops and for future exhibitions to come." - Gloria Zapata 

Rachel Lowes

Artist statement: This LGBTQIA painting depicts a trans/lesbian couple who found love in their home town near the Hudson River Bridge in NYC. Commissioned by the couple, and including the bridge with the Rainbow Pride lights, the painting symbolizes and magnifies the magic in the love they have! Something we can all admire. 

Painting of a couple embracing in a kiss in a park that looks out to rainbow lights on a bridge

NYC Hudson River Bridge

acrylic, 2021

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About the artist: Rachel Lowes' artworks can be found on Etsy and at some exhibitions across the UK. Rachel has sold and donated work internationally and worldwide, including at Nasty Women Amsterdam, which helped raised a considerate amount of funds for LGBTQ and women's rights in 2019. After success of exhibiting at Erotic Art London, Rachel's artworks have been displayed in New Mexico Las Cruces Space Festival, sold in Australia, and across the EU. Rachel has recently organized to have prints exclusively exhibiting with @WeHaveYourPrints on Instagram, and now has nearly a whole gallery selection permanently on display in Rabbithole, Kentishtown. Most recently and more notably, Rachel has collaborated with writer SJ Carmine, to make artwork for her book 'Wax Whips and my Hairy Bits' which can be found on Amazon as number 1 erotic humour reads 2021.

Cheyenne Kean-Lemery

Artist statement: I often use self portraits, nature, and anatomy to depict experiences and emotions. By nature, I am one to zig when I am supposed to zag... The dark things, the black things... always catch my eye. Not in a morbid way, quite the opposite. It comes from a deep love and appreciation of life and nature. It makes me want to look behind the curtain. Where others see blackness, I see a blanket of stars. I see death illuminating our life. I see loss filling us up. I see decay feeding new life. I am acutely aware of the beautiful, dizzying cycle of life and I believe no part of it is more beautiful than the other. You will see all of this in my work. My love for life and death, an honoring of the duality of it all. More than that, I hope it calls you to commune with me for a moment. To be alive with me for awhile and marvel. Isn’t it all so beautiful?

illustration of two individuals backing each other but embraced by their arms - one faces a blue background, the other a yellow background. Their hair, in Pride colors, are entangled and flowing upward

Night Before

watercolor and ink, 2021

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About the artist: Cheyenne Kean-Lemery is a Canadian based mixed media artist who works primarily with watercolor and ink. 

Patrice J. Payne

Aritst statement: My work encompasses photography, drawing, printmaking, and digital collage. The photographic image is one way I can choose to create my own narrative — often examining my own identity and personal experience within that framework. I am passionate about creating meaningful content that evokes visibility, cultural awareness, and interconnection. Photographers like Gordon Parks, Roy DeCarava, and Carrie Mae Weems have greatly inspired me and helped shape my interests in the day-to-day nuances of human existence, our surrounding environments, and how we choose to establish ourselves  within our society’s landscape. As I continue to document specific moments through the use of photography, I hope that my work continues to shed light on specific cultural movements and causes, gives voice to my respective communities, expresses my identity, and explores notions of empowerment.

At a parade, an FDNY truck is painted in Pride colors


digital photograph, 2019

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At a parade, an FDNY truck is painted in Pride colors
Pride Parade participants in carnival costume make their way through the parade
two individuals embrace in a kiss
a parade guest records the parade on their phone
Parade participants hold up signs that read: Our elders are still f-ing here, don't put us in a box, intersex people are not invisible
Parade participants hold up a Pride flag with the words You Matter
Parade participants ride through the parade on motorbikes dressed up in Pride colors

About the artist: Patrice Payne is a visual artist and an educator who is passionate about creating meaningful content that evokes visibility and cultural awareness. Since receiving an MA in Art & Design Education from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Payne has worked for several organizations and schools designing and teaching art curricula to youth throughout the city. In 2011, she established a free arts workshop called Act with Art, which encouraged youth to use art to explore social and cultural issues in their communities. She has held the workshop series at Weeksville Heritage Center, The Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx, and BronxArtSpace. To date, she has displayed and presented her work in several exhibitions throughout the Northeast, and was a contributing artist for the Black Lives Matter mural in Lower Manhattan’s Foley Square — creating the design for the word “Matter”.

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