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Our experts are bringing all the secrets of the outdoors right to your doorstep! With Parks@Home Jr., your parents, teachers, and guardians can make online learning exciting and fun. Draw and paint, play games, meet animals and nature, ask a Ranger questions, and so much more!

Live Tours & Virtual Experiences

Note: there are no live tours/virtual experiences scheduled for the week of June 29.

Two Urban Park Rangers examine elements of the waterside in a park

Live with the Urban Park Rangers 

Tuesdays at noon*Learn fun facts about nature and wildlife while exploring our parks from home with a park ranger. Be sure to ask questions about what you see and hear!

a butterfly feasts on a pink flower in the park

Wednesday Walks 

Wednesdays at noon*Visit a new park each week on a virtual tour with a park guide! Explore some of the most scenic spots in our parks, from waterfronts and gardens to hiking trails!

*Watch live with a parent or guardian. Our live tours take place weather permitting at noon on Twitter, Periscope, and Facebook. We'll first go live on Twitter and Periscope, then on Facebook. Turn on your notifications to tune in live. Watch our past tours on Facebook!

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Arts & Crafts

art supplies including paint, old egg cartons, paint brushes

DIY Arts & Crafts Classes

ThursdaysLearn how to make fun crafts with items found around your home, including a homemade shaker to cheer on our heroes! Watch our DIY Arts & Crafts Classes on YouTube

Cartoon graphic of an outline of a squirrel with the parks at home logo

Learn To Draw 

ThursdaysMake a masterpiece! Learn how to draw animals, trees, and flowers. Check out our Learn to Draw Series on YouTube

Check back each week for new episodes of our art classes and our Learn to Draw Series.

an image of a plant casting a shadow on a wooden floor

Home Photography Tips and Tricks from our Media Educators

Learn tips and tricks for capturing your favorite moments on your phone, camera, or tablet! View our Photography Tips

bronze statue of a dog lightly covered in snow in Central Park

Parks' Art Map 

Become inspired to create your own artworks by our collection of art in our parks online! View our Art Map

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a blue and tan peregrine falcon

NYC Wildlife Map & Calendar

Find out what wildlife is up to outside of your window! Parents can check out our #WildlifeWednesdays on Twitter for week-by-week insights. View our Wildlife Map & Calendar

group photo of the wildlife team

Ask a Wildlife Expert

On Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., visit our Wildlife Team's Q&A on IG Stories with a parent or guardian to ask questions about the animal of the week! Visit @nycparks on IG Stories

a racoon hangs out on a tree

Wildlife Activity Worksheet

Learn about raccoons and deer with word jumble games, crossword puzzles, drawing, cut-outs, and more! Download our Wildlife Activity Worksheet

a squirrel in a tree

All About Squirrels

Squirrels are one of our favorite furry friends! Learn about the life of squirrels in our parks and how you can care for them. Learn about squirrels

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Puzzles & Coloring Books 

Yellow, orange, and purple tulips blossom in a garden bed along a path next to a fountain

Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Check out our fun nature and animal-themed puzzles, perfect for kids, and adults, too! Play NYC Parks' Jigsaw Puzzles Online

outline of a fish with fins for coloring

Parks Activity Book

Learn about our parks, our natural world, and New York City history through fun puzzles, games, and coloring activities. Download the NYC Parks Activity Book

Sports & Fitness

A basketball on a floor in a house

Indoor Basketball Drills

Up your game from home! Try these no-bounce drills to help improve your ball-handling skills. Watch our Indoor Basketball Drills tutorial on YouTube

A park bench under a weeping cheery tree looks out to a creek in front of a forested area in a park

Family Meditation 

Doing meditation is a great way to relax and restart. Take a quick break with our Meditation Moments. Watch our Meditation Moments YouTube

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Science & Nature

park rangers use binoculars to look into the woods

Natural Mystery Museum

Uncover the secrets of the natural world around us with the Urban Park Rangers as they solve mysteries in one minute! Watch the Natural Mystery Museum Series on YouTube

A woman sits under a tree in a park

Finding Your Sweet (Sit) Spot

Whether you're hanging on your stoop, at your window, or in your backyard, learn how you can get closer to nature. Get Started

a map of the Manhattan grid with dots in various colors that represent where street trees are planted

My Street Tree 

Find your street tree on the Street Tree Map! Learn its name, how it cares for your neighborhood, and how you can help care for it! Explore our NYC Street Tree Map

street trees the color of spring green line a parkway that runs through a neighborhood in Brooklyn

Street Tree Census

Now that you've met your street tree, become a street tree expert! Dig into our latest report of our street tree count! View our 2015 Street Tree Census Report

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Resources for Teachers


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