Muscota Marsh

West 218th St. and Indian Rd.
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Teens enjoy new Rockaway boardwalk with hundreds of beachgoers in the background

The East Dock at Muscota Marsh is temporarily closed for repairs. As an alternative, please use the boat launch at Inwood Hill Park or at Sherman Creek.

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Henry Hudson Bridge from Muscota Marsh, a green space and site of ecological conservation adjacent to the Shorakapok Preserve of Inwood Hill Park.

At this public green space, with a design inspired by tidal flats and mudways, you can enjoy the educational richness of the marsh from the wildlife observation deck, or venture out on to a wooden deck stretching out to the waterway through the native water gardens. There are places to sit and host picnics across the river from the towering cliffs of the Spuyten Duyvil and the Palisades, which blush under the Manhattan sunset, especially in autumn.

Because of the close proximity of the salt marsh and the freshwater wetlands, you’ll be able to spot beautiful wading birds like the great blue heron and the snowy egret. You can also see leopard frogs and ribbed among the dramatic colors and textures of the marsh’s native plants. Not only is this area growing in biodiversity, but the restored salt marsh and wetlands also treat storm water runoff before it enters the tidal system, improving the quality of water emptying into the river.

The waterfront, once hidden away, was opened to the public in early 2014. Boating programs organized by the Urban Park Rangers will get you onto the water. Or, if you prefer to stay dry, you can take a romantic walk along the boardwalk that hugs the water’s edge, on your way to Inwood Hill Park from the street. 

Take a look at our Muscota Marsh Photo Gallery to see more views and features of the new park. 

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