How to Train for a Marathon

Whether you're running your first marathon ever, getting back in the race, or you're a seasoned runner, NYC Parks are the best places to train for your next marathon. From trails and running tracks to cross-training programs, here's our Parks roadmap to going the extra mile! 


Knowing what works for runners will help you commit to a routine that is best for you. Learn tips for Getting Started on Training for a Marathon

Train like the stars! Become a member of the same indoor track that celebrities and VIP runners use to warm up before the NYC Marathon. Visit Ocean Breeze Track & Field Athletic Complex

Where to Train

Our parks are perfect both for short jogs and for long-distance runs. Opt for the outdoors at some of our best and most scenic parks, from boardwalks and waterfronts to trails and running tracks. Find places to run at NYC Parks

Adding cross-training to your routine will help you become a stronger runner. Activities such as swimming, yoga, cycling, and pilates can help you build stronger muscles and increase your flexibity for fast-paced, long-distance runs. Explore Cross-Training for Runners at Parks

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