Places to Go & Things to Do at the Bronx River

Come explore the Bronx River's beautiful parks along the Bronx River Greenway. Use the Bronx River Alliance's map of the Bronx River Greenway to help guide you around the Bronx River parks. View the Bronx River Greenway map

Here are some highlights of places to visit and things to do at the Bronx River Greenway:

Three waterfalls

Photo credit Matthew Morales, courtesy of the Bronx River Alliance

Did you know there are scenic waterfalls in the Bronx? There's a waterfall at River Park (enter at 180th Street and Boston Road)twin falls at Mitsubishi Walk in the Bronx Zoo, and another in the NY Botanical Garden near the Stone Mill.

A concrete plant that's now a park

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

Those giant, red structures are what remain of a concrete plant that operated here from the 1940s until 1987. The plant was left abandoned for years before becoming part of Concrete Plant Park, which opened in 2009. Learn more about Concrete Plant Park

A park with a world's fair past

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

The old Starlight Park, just north of its current location, hosted the Bronx International Exposition of Science, Arts and Industries in 1918. The fair was supposed to be as big as the World's Fairs with 120 exhibits and concession buildings from around the world, but the fair's planned extravagance dwindled from the strains of World War I. Nevertheless, the fair went ahead with its opening and included a rollercoaster, swimming pool, circus, skating rink, a submarine, and one international country—Brazil. The area later became an amusement park and the home of the New York Coliseum, both no longer there. Learn more about Starlight Park

A 100-year-old railroad station

Photo courtesy of the Bronx River Alliance

Get a glimpse of forgotten New York next to Concrete Plant Park. This old railroad station has been abandoned since 1937, but it has a storied past. The Westchester Avenue station was designed by famous architect Cass Gilbert. Gilbert is best known for designing the Woolworth Building and the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House in New York City, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court building. Visit Concrete Plant Park

A river forest

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

Paddle out on the river or venture out on winding pathways along Bronx Park's riverfront to explore acres of the Bronx River Forest, thought to be the only forest in New York that was never cleared. This unique habitat of swamp and floodplain forest is a haven for birds, fish, and other wildlife you can spot on your next adventure here. Learn more about the Bronx River Forest at Bronx Park

A salt marsh that's cleaning up the Bronx River

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

Up until the '70s, the Bronx River had a reputation of being an "open sewer". To help clean up the river, we restored the Soundview Park salt marsh at the mouth of the Bronx River. The salt marsh filters out harmful pollutants, while providing a healthy habitat for fiddler crabs, mussels, fish, and birds. Head out on the trail and experience its calming, waterfront scenery and a surprising view of Manhattan's skyline. Learn more about Soundview Park's salt marsh

A ride on the Wild Asia Monorail

Photo by Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

To get a different view of the Bronx River, ride the Wild Asia Monorail in the Bronx Zoo. It will take you over the river and back again to visit elephants, red pandas, and rhinos. Visit the Bronx Zoo

A place to practice your theater skills 

Photo: Hunts Point Riverside Park amphitheater by Malcolm Pinckney

Put on your own show at the amphitheaters in Hunts Point Riverside Park and Soundview Park. Your guests will love the view as you perform against the backdrop of New York City's only freshwater river! 

The greenest building in town

Photo courtesy of the Bronx River Alliance

Starlight Park is slated to become the home of the greenest building in the Bronx. When it opens in the fall, the River House will be the new home of the Bronx River Alliance, with a boat house, nature classroom, a community meeting space, and features that include a heating and cooling system powered by solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system which wil be used for flushing the toilets and washing the canoes. Learn more about the Bronx River House

Great spots to go canoeing and kayaking 

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

Enjoy the best views from the Bronx River on a canoe trip. Find out where you can launch your own boat or join one of the canoeing adventures offered by the Bronx River Alliance and its partners.

A ladder just for fishes

For years, the 182nd Street Dam has been a favorite spot among local Bronx residents, but it wasn't very friendly to birds and fish that depend on a free-flowing river. To help the fish reach more habitats and find more sources of food, we added a ladder so that fish can easily climb the falls and migrate upstream. Come check it out at River Park; enter at 180th Street and Boston Road.

A fountain from Italy

Photo credit Marcial Fernandez, courtesy of Arts and Antiquities

This fountain, cast in 1872, first stood in a tourist area in Como, Italy. In 1902, William Rockefeller purchased the fountain and brought it to New York City, where it was installed at the Bronx Zoo. In 1968, it was designated an official New York City landmark. More information about the Rockefeller Fountain

More than 75 bridges

Photo credit Daniel Avila

As you travel along the Bronx River Greenway, you'll spot more than 75 bridges that span the Bronx River, including the Duncomb Bridges, which have been around since 1925!

A free running track

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

Whether you're training for a race or looking to keep fit, come to Soundview Park and get moving on the free running track! You can also find free workout equipment near the track. Visit Soundview Park

A river-themed playground

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

This playground at Hunts Point Riverside Park is the perfect spot for kids to play safely on hot days. There's a spray shower, and fun features like built-in canoes and seashells to inspire your young river explorer. Visit Hunts Point Riverside Park

Where to go for a scenic run

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

Head to Shoelace Park for a run along 1.2 miles of uninterrupted greenway, flanked by trees that provide lots of shade. Enter at East Gun Hill Road or East 233rd Street. 

A place where all kinds of flowers live year-round

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

Visit the iconic New York Botanical Garden in Bronx Park. Sit and relax among the prettiest displays of plants and flowers from around the world as you explore more than 250 acres of themed gardens. When it's cold out, head indoors to the Conservatory, which transforms into a steamy, tropical rainforest during the wintertime. Visit the New York Botanical Garden

A spot just for skate boarders

Photo credit Malcolm Pinckney

Bring your friends to the skate park at Bronx Park. Show off your skills or learn some new tricks on the quarter pipe, skate pyramid, or any of the grind rails. Learn more about our skate parks

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